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3009, 2016

I Killed a Chicken with My Own Two Hands, Pt. 2

By |September 30th, 2016|

The girl led me to a hacked up wooden block lying in the dirt, handed me a dull machete, looked me in the eyes, and made a karate chop gesture towards her throat. I didn’t really need more instruction than that, but I was deeply afraid that I’d butcher the butchering process and only chop half the chicken’s head off on the first go, forcing both the chicken and my conscience to suffer unnecessarily. She had handed me the chicken by the legs, but once I placed its neck on the chopping block I realized that it had waaaay more freedom to wiggle and flap around than I was comfortable with. Nonetheless, I aimed the machete, silently begged the chicken for forgiveness, and [...]

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2909, 2016

Belgians vs. Buffon

By |September 29th, 2016|

Disclaimer: if you are Belgian, stop now. I apologize to your people. Watching the Euro Cup in Italy is like watching the Super Bowl in the United States, but with less nachos and more attractive bearded men. Also, most people tune in for the soccer and not for Beyoncé and a touching commercial about large horses. Even for a group stage game between Italy and Belgium in the small town of Syracuse, shit got wild. The aforementioned bearded men arrived early by the droves, wearing their blue Italia jerseys and filling the square behind Piazza San Rocco, where large screens spanned the length of the buildings. With Italy’s first goal, bells clanged throughout the square, people ran in from all sides to see [...]

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2909, 2016

It’s Getting Hot, Hot, HOT

By |September 29th, 2016|

Let me tell you a little bit about Spanish heat. When I arrived in Córdoba at 5pm on a Sunday, I went straight to the main square. There was no one there. NO ONE. No businesses open, no small children playing, no elderly people giving me side-eye. And then I stood outside for longer than a minute and realized why. It was a physically painful realization. I have bought a fan, an umbrella, sunscreen and a hat, but I still refuse to pay for the one euro hostel breakfast. You'll never get me, suckers! I wake up and sweat drops of extra-virgin olive oil. I retain the will to survive only so I can wreak my revenge on whomever chose to build a [...]

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2209, 2016

I ventured into Antwerp’s red-light district. It went okay.

By |September 22nd, 2016|

(Author’s note: I felt too awkward to take a photo in the red-light district. Bonus points to someone who grabs a selfie with one of the professionals there. So enjoy the Antwerp sunset!) I went to a Catholic high school. An all-boys one at that. The closest thing to a sex-ed I received was looking at pictures of infected genitalia in health class and listening to my teacher rattle off statistics about just how common STIs were. Not that he told us anything about condoms to prevent those winky warts. Instead: abstinence, boys. Abstinence. So my highly journalistic trip into Antwerp’s red-light district last week was, to say the least, something new. As I’ve discovered, it’s hard not to feel a little, tiny [...]

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308, 2016

Vucciria: Your Mother’s Nightmare, Your Jersey Shore Cousin’s Dream

By |August 3rd, 2016|

What do you get when you cross hundreds of macho tank top guys, disgusting street food, broken glass, and giant speakers? Vucciria. Palermo may be all beautiful cathedrals and crystal clear waters by day, but by night it’s a whole new world out there. Crowds flock to Vucciria, a neighborhood encompassing two squares joined by a narrow street and lined with bars. On Saturday nights it’s a madhouse. Allow me to immerse you in the scene. Your eyes are watering. Steam from sizzling sheep organs assaults them. Your clothes are damp, a mixture of warm spilled beer and perspiration as you stumble into the square. Glass crunches at your feet, but you don’t look down. Smashed beer bottles and cigarette butts are the [...]

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