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706, 2017

Showering (read: Attempting to Cleanse Yourself Using a Single Extremity) in Rural Hungary

By |June 7th, 2017|

More often than not, when traveling in Hungary, you will be using shower hoses, not mounted shower heads. This is a design choice I simply cannot wrap my head around. I mean, what’s the point? Sure, Amy Schumer makes a strong case for the shower hose when citing its astounding capability to reach all of your nooks and crannies—especially valid if it’s been a while since your last date—, but after spending a week exploring rural Hungary, I can say with full certainty that they are not worth the hassle. Shower hoses are always, always a mistake. But fine. Let’s assume they are everywhere in Hungary. Fine. With that in mind, here is a rundown on showering in non-Budapest, Hungary: the good, the bad, and [...]

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506, 2017

Caroline Before Chanel: How I Almost Destroyed a $2,100 Dress

By |June 5th, 2017|

The Devil Wears Prada, but I scavenge from the clearance rack of Marshall’s. Look, sometimes I’ll splurge on a sweater that won’t get destroyed with one rinse cycle. I’m not frugal, per se. I just enjoy a good bargain. That being said and done, of course, I’m a natural fit for Rodeo Drive. It’s a quiet Monday morning when I decide to grace the sacred ground of Beverly Hills style with my appearance. Long known as the backdrop of paparazzi photos of the Kardashian family, Rodeo Drive is a street known for its luxury, high-end fashion. Brands like Dior, Prada, Gucci, and Yves St. Laurent have storefronts along the street where Ferraris and Lamborghinis routinely drive, their sun roofs down. I’m in a T-shirt, shorts, [...]

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3105, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole of Zagreb

By |May 31st, 2017|

In case you ever wondered what lies between communism and capitalism, rest assured there is indeed a definitive answer: a three story slide. And while in Zagreb, I slid down it. The particular slide in question calls Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art its home. The museum is a behemoth of a building entirely made out of concrete. Though it can seem unfinished at times with its unsealed floors and uninstalled sinks, the museum’s ideological position is clear. On one side is Avenue Mall, a just-popped-out-of-the-ground-all-you-can-eat-drink-shop-adolescent-popularized-mafia-financed monstrosity complete with bars boasting fake waterfalls and American fast food joints. In other words, it’s a textbook example of modern Eastern European capitalism. To the other side is Novi Sad—a collection of sad gray apartments that wouldn’t look out [...]

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3005, 2017

A Journey to the Crotch of Lake Como

By |May 30th, 2017|

I took a train from Milan to Como, and then a ferry across Lake Como to the small town of Bellagio. Located on what some people have called “The Crotch of Lake Como,” (because the lake is roughly shaped like a pair of pants) Bellagio was famed for being a lakeside idyll, a famous destination for visitors looking to get away from it all. I had some trouble getting to Bellagio in the first place, as my trip would involve a mile-long walk, a train ride, and then a bus ride. The walk was fine, but when 9:27am came—time for me to board my train—I ran circles around the terminal, unable to find anything saying it was going to my destination, San Giovanni Station. I [...]

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3009, 2016

I Killed a Chicken with My Own Two Hands, Pt. 2

By |September 30th, 2016|

The girl led me to a hacked up wooden block lying in the dirt, handed me a dull machete, looked me in the eyes, and made a karate chop gesture towards her throat. I didn’t really need more instruction than that, but I was deeply afraid that I’d butcher the butchering process and only chop half the chicken’s head off on the first go, forcing both the chicken and my conscience to suffer unnecessarily. She had handed me the chicken by the legs, but once I placed its neck on the chopping block I realized that it had waaaay more freedom to wiggle and flap around than I was comfortable with. Nonetheless, I aimed the machete, silently begged the chicken for forgiveness, and [...]

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