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2507, 2016

The Barcelona Dude — A Character Study

By |July 25th, 2016|

The Barcelona Dude is not from Barcelona. He is generally Australian or American or British, in Barcelona for vacation (or — ugh — “on holiday”) and looking to have a sweet time, bro, do you know any clubs? The Barcelona Dude read one too many “Top 9 Clubbing Cities in Europe (Number 4 Will Make You Poop Your Pants in Surprise!)” lists, and decided this was the city for him. The Barcelona Dude sleeps until 1 or 2, then spends all day getting sunburned at the beach. Will he ever learn to wear sunscreen? Does his burnt skin feel good when he grinds against people in clubs? These are questions we will never know the answer to, because Barcelona Dude is flighty and [...]

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2507, 2016

The Wisdom of the Doner Kebab Goddess

By |July 25th, 2016|

Sevilla is an eating town. Within my first two days, I had eaten in three different ice cream shops (shout out to La Fiorentina for chocolate with chili and blueberry and La Helameda for somehow the best vanilla in existence) and consumed countless pringa sandwiches (what happens when you mash all the porks together, put it in bread and eat it with a hangover). I ate snails for my first time in Spain; alas, Sevillan snails are not the friendly French kind with butter and specialized eating utensils. Alas, Sevillan snails are tiny, utensil-less and have faces that stare at you mournfully as you try to figure out how the hell you eat them. Additional bonus at each meal: the waiters all call [...]

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2007, 2016

The Vietnam Catfish (Pt. 3)

By |July 20th, 2016|

Date Three My third Tinder match claimed to be a 23-year-old environmental studies student and invited me to a bar called the Hanoi Social Club. Upon meeting her there, however, I discovered that she was actually a 32 year old catfish, and not a catfish in the sense that she had lied about her age and was trying to kidnap me, but in the sense that she was a literal catfish, with gills and whiskers and a tail. I sat down across from her and she just kinda stared at me and opened and closed her mouth silently as fish tend to do. I ordered a gin and tonic for myself and a bowl of lukewarm seawater for her. She [...]

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1907, 2016

Far Too Much Exposition, Followed By a Pause

By |July 19th, 2016|

Day 29 on the job. En route to Genoa, the maritime town of questionable touristic interest, from clifftop stunner Cinque Terre. Couple that just boarded at Monterosso is very couple-y. Girl is currently dusting boy’s nose with curiously squelchy butterfly smooches. Oh look, they’re playing that sweet eyelash fluttering game I used to play with my mother—one childhood memory forever tainted by the rampant instinct to procreate. Good sir, your leggy lady is definitely not going anywhere, so no need to keep your hand there. I feel like I’m horribly invading their privacy, but am unclear as to how I’m not supposed to see this when they’re flopping about directly in front of me. Gah, they’re reflected in the window too. I probably [...]

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1907, 2016

Lost in Translation: A Tribute to Terrible T-Shirts

By |July 19th, 2016|

In Naples, English-speaking locals are as few and far between as blind race car drivers. But just like adding pineapple to pizza and watering down espresso, we Americans have found yet another way to violently assert our American-ness on Italian culture in the form of fashion. I am referring to the six or seven examples of Hard Rock Cafe paraphernalia you see walking the streets on a daily basis, as well as countless examples of bastardized English slogans tossed carelessly onto fabric and displayed in ignorant bliss on the torsos of Napolitano people throughout the city. Here is a collection of the most cringe-worthy English t-shirt phrases that I actually saw, with my own eyes. “I Hate Mountain”: Is this a specific mountain? Did [...]

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