Travel. Write. Get paid.

The application to become a researcher-writer can be downloaded here.

Researcher-writers (RWs) are the bedrock of Let’s Go. RWs work alone, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood or town to town along planned routes, stopping in each place long enough to develop opinions and collect information. They will then write about and photograph their destinations for inclusion in Let’s Go’s 2017 books and website ( RWs receive reimbursement for round-trip airfare to their destination and a stipend to cover their expenses. Twenty to 25 hours of total preparation work are required during the semester; itineraries begin in mid- to late May and last approximately eight weeks. RWs may be wide-eyed newcomers to their destinations or veteran travelers (even natives) looking to uncover secret charms and backdoor finds. Foreign-language skills and travel experience help but are by no means necessary. The ideal RW possesses true curiosity, a sense of adventure, a passion for travel, an independent spirit, an iron drive, a keen eye and ear for detail, and a love of writing.

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