Over the past two summers, I’ve been to over twenty cities in Italy.

Italy Gelato Let's Go

Not exhaustive by any means, but as a professional tourist, I kinda know some shit about them. So in homage to my travels and my work (and because I finally remembered that I actually have a blog), the next three posts will be dedicated to the best Italy has to offer – from what I’ve seen anyway. To start things off, my top picks for budget food in Italy. Let’s go.

Best gelato: Gelateria del Teatro, Rome. Tucked away in the heart of Centro Storico, only the most worthy can wander the small streets long enough to find this. Try the pistachio. Believe in a merciful God again.

Best granita: Bam Bar, Taormina. Sicily does Sicilian granita the best. No surprises. A little pricier, this artisan granita bar can choose to rack up the bill. Their granite are incredibly smooth and refreshing.

*Best pizza: *Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, Naples. As the birthplace of Italian pizza, of course Naples wins in the pizza category. Da Michele may be famous but I found their pizzas too burnt and soggy and I don’t need that I already go to college. So go to Sorbillo. Delicious, cheap, life changing.

Best pasta: Antica Focacceria del Massimo, Palermo. Right by Teatro Massimo, this local favorite is always packed during lunchtime because it’s cheap, fresh pastas are easily some of the best in Italy. Try the lasagna. It woos even the toughest critics.

Best panini: All’Antico Vinaio, Florence. One line in Florence that’s definitely worth waiting in. For five euros, get an enormous sandwich made right in front of you and filled with whatever you want. Take that, Uffizi lines.

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