Costa Brava beach
  1. Sant Francesc. This is a delightful little cove near Blanes. The water is crystal clear, green, and blue as you get deeper. You can see it from the gardens above, and sometimes you’ll find local fisherman catching octopus while you swim.
  2. Bay of Roses. A very large bay with extensive restaurants and hotels along the shore. A popular tourist destination, the Bay of Roses features many water sports such as jet skiing and parasailing. It is also family-friendly. 
  3. Lloret de Mar. Another popular tourist destination, the beach in Lloret de Mar is a party year round.
  4. Santa Cristina Hermitage. The opposite of a tourist trap, this rugged beach is tucked away in secrecy and has gorgeous waters and perfect sand. It’s the definition of picturesque. 
  5. Tossa de Mar. The large beach of Tossa de Mar has great nightlife, a castle on a hill above on one end, and a port on the other. There’s a sand soccer field and plenty happening in the city it’s in.
  6. Llafranc. Golden sands, clear waters, and a marina on one end of the beach make Llafranc a very popular beach getaway.
  7. Tamariu. Nestled within the pines north of Llafranc is this small beach with bars and cafes nearby. The sand is a bit gritty so it won’t stick, and the waters are completely see-through. It can get crowded in the summertime, so head to a connecting cove just north from more privacy.
  8. Blanes. The beach at Blanes is very large and attracts the entire town. Because it’s so big, there’s plenty of room for everyone and it doesn’t get exceptionally crowded. The sand and water aren’t five star quality but are still worth a visit. Bonus: there’s a mountain between two shores that one can climb for beautiful views of the city and horizon. 
  9. Cap de Creus. A series of tiny coves tucked away between giant rock formations. It’s located near Cadaques… but has a much nicer beach. 
  10. El Port de la Selva. Black pebble beach with calm waters located in the heart of the forest. A nice drive through the mountains gets you to this small coastal town near France. 
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