Rovinj Beach in Croatia
  1. Water Shoes. Rocks, sea urchins, crabs—there’s no shortage of things to cut your feet open on.
  2. Olive oil. Should you step on a sea urchin, soaking the afflicted body part in olive oil will help you get the spines out.
  3. Snorkel mask. It may not be fun to step on aquatic life, but it’s sure pretty to look at.
  4. Your dog. Certain beach areas prohibit animals, but those that don’t are often full of dogs swimming.
  5. Radler. Radler—a mix of lemonade and beer, often sold pre-mixed—is the perfect beverage for a hot Croatian summer day.
  6. Not necessarily your bathing suit. Topless women are everywhere, though male nudists usually confine themselves to the designated naturist areas.
  7. A towel. Not necessarily to dry yourself off with, but to made those rocks a little more comfortable to sit on.
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