Hilltop View from Vinohrady, Prague

1. Jiřího z Poděbrad Farmers Market        

Mass production is for the masses – leave the packaged life behind for a day wandering rows and rows of a farmer’s market, picking your own damn avocadoes. Well, yes, not from actual trees, but from market stands, and that’s basically the same thing. Basic-ally.

Open Wednesday & Friday 08:00-18:00, Saturday 08:00-14:00.

2. Baobab

Why yes, baobab trees were referenced in The Little Prince – and if there’s anything a self-respecting hipster enjoys, it’s out-of-context Little Prince references. An alt children’s bookstore, Baobab targets the newest generation of hipsters with brightly colored indie publications, escaping the mainstream works of the kids’ book world. The collection’s quite good – not that we’d ever admit it. It’s ok.

3. Antikvariát Vinohradská    

Segue from children’s books to antique old books because you were totally born in the wrong era. No one even understands you, with all their Justin Beavers and One Erections. Reminisce on better days that you didn’t actually even live through, ripe with racism and sexism and everything history books gloss over, as preserved in words of the past. An extensive compilation, you might just find the newest addition to your minimalist vintage bookshelf. Are you planning to read it? No, but that won’t stop you from offering an opinion on it anyway.

Open Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00.

4. Café Sladkovský

Though Krymská is lined with hipster hangouts, Café Sladkovský was there before the street was even popular. The alt crowd doesn’t forget the originals, and Café Sladkovský remains an ode to dat hipster lyfe. Old-timey wallpaper and outdated carpet patterns are just weird enough to make this place the kind of café you’re not cool enough to understand. Come pretend you do anyway.

Open Monday-Friday 10:00-01:00, Saturday 17:00-01:00 and Sunday 11:00-01:00.

5. Basement Bar     

Hipster level: they have a tumblr. The basement bar is literally underground, a buzzword for anything alt. The Basement Bar is located in the basement of a hostel which is pretty normalcore, if you ask us. The bar hosts concerts for the indie scene, an outlet for bands you’ve definitely never heard of. Though of course, if asked, you’ll claim to love their latest album – but not as much as their original stuff. Their first album was just so much purer, grittier, ya know?

Open Monday-Sunday 08:00-01:00.

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