Paratay Beach

Rise and shine! Time waits for no one. If hunger pesters the stomach, the hostel will provideth food.

Walk to the Rodoviária and wait for the Trindade Bus and spend the 40 minute bus ride thinking about how awesome the waves are going to be, and then have your expectations blown out of the water once you get there. Spend two and a half hours thinking about how hard surfing must be with such big waves.

Get back home and grab some lunch at Sabor da Terra. You need all you can eat after jumping all over those beach rocks.

After the plate of whatever your dietary decisions restrict you to, release your inhibitions after getting on the Penha bus to the Tarzan waterfall! Bring your swim suit and hippocampus, cuz you’re going to make come memories.

Get right on back home before it gets dark and wander around the central historical district. Watch your feet as you traverse the cobble stones that carried carts and crates and shoes through the centuries.

After getting lost in the maze of history and boutique antiques, eat dinner at Esfiharia Emirados and get lost in the maze of infinite esfiha toppings.

After a recovery from your long day of many adventures, it’s time to celebrate your youth! Go to Van Gogh live music bar and shake yourself unapologetically around to the music they happen to be playing. If you’re still puckish, you can try an empanada.

For a change of venue, fork over R$15 or R$30 depending on your sex chromosomes and enter Paratay 33.

Itinerary for a Day-Long Party in Paratay was last modified: January 9th, 2016 by Rachel Harner