Cannes Boardwalk

The beaches in Cannes are some of the best along the French Riviera due to the presence of sand as opposed to the more commonly found pebbles of the Cȏte d’Azur. No, this sand is not a miracle of nature found only in Cannes, it is a product of the wealthy residents of the city paying to import sand from more fortunate beaches to avoid having to bruise their well-manicured feet. You certainly won’t find us complaining, however, as even the public beaches of Cannes are sandy.


The two primary beaches in Cannes are along La Croisette, and just East of Le Suquet. For public access, Midi Plage is your best option. It’s less crowded due to its distance from La Croisette, and in the busy months of summer, public rafts drop their anchors a few hundred meters out to sea, allowing you to take a nap on the gentle rocking of the waves and imagine you were on a yacht, or you can have a more down-to-earth standard of fun by diving off. Along La Croisette, you’ll find some of the better private beaches. Grabbing drinks at any of these venues will give you beach access for the price of your drink (which won’t be cheap). Or alternatively, you can shell out 100 Euros or more for a beach bed. Public beaches bookend La Croisette but these fill up quickly and don’t have the same view as those near Le Suquet. 

As a student traveller in Cannes, you will likely find yourself lying on the beach quite often for two reasons: a) the beaches are perfect and b) you literally won’t be able to afford to do anything else. This is just as well, as one of the central themes of Cannes is hedonistic pleasure. So if you can’t afford to drop millions of Euros on a shopping spree, and if you can only afford to buy one drink a night at Les Marches, you might as well soak up some sun at the beach which  is the cheapest way to indulge. 

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