The Snorer

The amount of noise this person can produce while they’re unconscious is nothing short of incredible. It’s almost a gift. Unfortunately, that gift is going to keep you up all night unless you have some earplugs or noise canceling headphones.

The Night Owl

Everyone goes to bed around the same time. Everyone except for this guy. Just as you’re about to drift into peaceful slumber they stomp into the room, supposedly trying to be quiet but also managing to unzip every bag they own and drop every heavy thing possible. And possibly shining a light right into your face too. Yay for this person.

The Australian

This is possibly part of some secret government plot to slowly take over the rest of the world, because Australians. Are. Everywhere. They’re working at the front desk. They’re serving  your coffee. And you better believe that there’s one in your room. If not, they’re probably undercover and pretending to be one of your own so they can gain your trust and infiltrate your country. They seem really nice though.

The Weird One

Maybe it’s that they’re laughing a little too much at the wrong times. Maybe it’s that they’re 50 years older than everyone else in the room. Maybe it’s the way they keep ripping farts like this isn’t a public space. Regardless of what it is, there is something about this person that just doesn’t sit quite right.

The One You Like

This is person in your room who isn’t super weird or trying to make a move on you or just looking to get plastered every night. You’ll have actual conversations and maybe even become friends. So don’t give up yet, weary traveller, there’s still room for one person amongst the rabble to actually be normal and likable.  

The 5 Hostel-Mates You’ll Find in the UK was last modified: June 27th, 2016 by Tiffani Driscoll