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Adam isn't afraid of anything. He laughs in the face of society trying to sass him into being normal and drinks the tap water anyways. Adam hates candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. He prefers dinners in alleyways and thinks beaches are for skinny-dipping. Adam pretty much does what he wants, which can be boiled down to eating excellent food, not using shampoo, and lovin’ his momma an awful-lot. Adam does these things in hopes of finding a purpose to his life because the existential crisis is ever present in the back of Adam's mind. He has found catharsis, however temporary, as a summer Lets Go Researcher-Writer in Brazil.
5 12, 2015
  • Salvador Street

Foodie Finds: Street Cuisine of Salvador

Salvador is a long haul from the metropolitan south of Brazil, so it’s no surprise that— with its distinct history and ethnic makeup— it would also sport an array of unique cuisines and flavors. Here are our top picks for local street foods worth sampling that you won’t find elsewhere in the country. 1.     Fried thing with okra and shrimp, These little concoctions, consisting of fried dough balls filled with [...]

30 06, 2015
  • Adam in Rio

Suiting Up

Sometimes I go to more dangerous places for my job. In Rio, I was told that the Santa Teresa neighborhood is super cool to go to at night, but "It’s very dangerous. Crimes happen a lot to gringos when they wander off too far." Favelas, those famous under regulated neighborhoods that most kids my age know from violent levels in Call of Duty, surrounded Santa Teresa, and have served as bases of crime [...]

16 06, 2015
  • Beer looms menacingly ever-present over the meal

Nurturing the Beer Belly

It should come as no surprise that a job where I am forced by my cruel overlords to eat and drink has caused me to gain weight. This fact is not helped by the particularities of the Brazilian diet, especially the parts that would be interesting to the average super cool college solo backpacker. Lots of stuff is fried carbs and proteins. Torresmo, which is an elegant inch thick deep fried pork belly, [...]

6 06, 2015
  • 20150521_205430

The Caipirinha

Let me tell you about the best drink in the world. The fools even taught me how to make it. Caipirinha is the Brazilian national cocktail, made from sugar, lime, and a national spirit distilled from raw sugarcane called Cachaça. A couple of limes are cut into eights, thrown into a mortar with about 4 tablespoons of sugar, mashed up, rinds and all. Throw in some ice, pour in a heap of this [...]

6 06, 2015
  • Lasers coming from my hand! Pew pew!

Enter the Fray

The first thing any post-pubescent boy thinks about when you say "Brazil" is women. I had heard the rumors—Brazilian women are beautiful. So as I walked into a nightclub in Porto Alegre’s hottest district, I was ready to hit the field and get to know me some nice, preferably fun-loving, statistically gorgeous female twenty-somethings. I walk past some dudes watching Loony Toons on the couch. “Cannon Fodder. Poor guys didn’t make it, defeated, they return to [...]

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