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Adrian Horton is a rising senior at Harvard from Cincinnati, Ohio. She studies American History and Literature, and specializes in knowing the plot-lines to TV shows she doesn't watch. Currently, she is taking a year away from school to pursue a love of travel and open-ended itineraries. She enjoys making new friends, catching up with old ones, and a good cup of coffee. She also likes to run and tries to keep a journal in her spare time. Follow her on Twitter at @adrian_horton or on Instagram at @adrianehorton.
21 07, 2017
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My Thirty Minutes as Lizzie McGuire

Traveling is often a weird negotiation between expectation and reality—expectations can easily lead to disappointment, especially if they're shaped by movies. This is particularly true of Rome, whose monuments have served as backdrops for a number of iconic films. There's La Dolce Vita, which has had generations hoping to pull an Anita Ekberg and frolic in the Trevi Fountain (not allowed). People climb the Spanish Steps hoping to inherit an ounce of Audrey Hepburn's style [...]

8 02, 2016
  • Tel Aviv-Jaffa Port

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bartering

In the Middle East, bartering in the markets is the norm. You don't technically have to do it, but avoiding it won’t help that tourist label you've been trying to downplay. Though a world without price tags sounds liberating, for many, the art of price negotiation can seem intimidating (or, for me, unapproachably daunting.) Nevertheless, I arrived at the flea market in Jaffa, the ancient port city just south of Tel Aviv, [...]

19 01, 2016
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How to Wander Through Tel Aviv

While some cities have a concrete list of “must-sees,” Tel Aviv is a place where the traveler can just, well, be. There is plenty to see in Israel’s busiest city, of course, but a day spent just living in Tel Aviv—café hopping, going to the beach, shopping away your beer money—reveals its cool confidence more than a tour. Forget the itinerary: armed with a 5 shekel iced coffee and a solid “I Know [...]

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