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Having been infected with the travel bug at a young age, Alexandra spends her days itching to leave her small New England town. This year, she is living out her dream, wandering around the world before attending Harvard in the fall. When she's not too exhausted from trying to fool her family into thinking she has a plan, her favorite things to do are inhale cappuccinos (or as of late, Thai coffee), take compelling and realistic photos of everything she sees (but mostly just embarrass herself trying to find the right angle), and get lost passively searching for hidden cafés...so she can buy more cappuccinos. Oh, and make plans for the sole purpose of abandoning them.
8 02, 2016
  • Rice Terraces

Slaying Stereotypes: Southeast Asia Edition

There comes a time in every wanderer's travels when they have no bed for the next night and no idea where to go, only the desire to go somewhere new. This was me last week (and, now that I think about it, me right now...but that's ok). I was lounging in Kuala Lumpur with the AC pumping, being unproductive, when I realized I was supposed to check-out the next morning. "Look how spontaneous I'm [...]

4 02, 2016
  • Thai Islands

Thai Islands: “The Beach” in 2016

Amazingly, the first time I heard of and watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” was last month on Koh Lanta, a low-key island off the west coast of Thailand. Filmed on the neighboring island of Koh Phi Phi, “The Beach” is a favorite among Thailand’s backpackers. Needless to say, today’s Thailand isn’t the uncivilized wilderness depicted in the film. The tribes in huts have been replaced by clusters of hostels, bars, resorts, and souvenir [...]

11 01, 2016
  • hostel let's go

One Night in a Hostel Could Change Your Life

I'm cold. Okay, maybe "cold" is a little overly dramatic, but I definitely have a chill. I shouldn't have a chill. I haven't had a chill in three weeks (apart from that time some nut left our AC on 17°C). This is Thailand. Healthy people don't get chills in Thailand. I've never been happier. Outside, scooters aren't discouraged by the weather. Thai students are piled three deep onto their unadorned "bikes," either wielding trembling [...]

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