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Dan is a daring traveler from Westchester, NY who made his first trip overseas right out of the womb. Being from the preppy New York suburbs he takes every opportunity he can to travel and venture in the outdoors. This summer Dan is taking a break from contemplating his academic pursuits to head across the Atlantic to Northern Italy and Switzerland where city explorer will meet outdoors adventurer in what promises to be a thrilling journey. Follow Dan on Instagram and Twitter @djfulop17.
2 09, 2015
  • Interlaken Switzerland Let's Go

Outdoor Heaven: 8 Tips for Enjoying Interlaken

Two weeks in Switzerland and all I had seen were clouds and cement. It was as if the sun was playing a sick joke on me, a prolonged, upsetting tease. What is supposedly one of the most breathtaking, picturesque countries was hidden from me. It was so upsetting that I began directly speaking to the sheet of gray moisture hanging over my head, willing it to move. A friend who recently [...]

27 08, 2015
  • Zurich Switzerland Let's Go

Partying Like a Backpacker

Turning up in Switzerland's most expensive hotel. In my most recent blog, I talked about a friend whose family was kind enough to allow me to stay three nights in their home. As the cherry on top, that same friend invited me to a fancy party, for which she had won tickets, at Switzerland's most expensive hotel, The Dolder Grand. A modernized castle resting high above the Zurich bustle, this luxurious resort [...]

22 08, 2015
  • zurich let's go

4 Things I Learned in Zurich

Traveling between Italy, France, and Switzerland over the past few days has been a language roller coaster. Just as I felt comfortable communicating in Italian, I moved on to French (complete failure), but the real struggle has been Swiss German, the main language spoken in Zurich. The words are incredibly long, impossible to pronounce, and incorporate a host of other languages as well including French to Italian (e.g. excusi, merci, ciao). [...]

20 08, 2015
  • Let's Go Genoa

When in Genoa…

On shopping for vintage Italian clothing. Genoa waterfront property has to be some of the most beautiful in the world. The city is set into a mountain and built upward, accessible by funicolare transport. I was told that a day in Genoa was more than enough. Following the advice of many fellow travelers and hostelmates, that is exactly what I did. And to be honest, I regret my decision. Surprisingly, for someone [...]

4 07, 2015
  • Venice Youth

Is Venice Devoid of Youth?

There's no doubt, Venice is old—the palaces, the art, the cafes, and a lot of the people. Walking around the historic districts, aside from cliques of teenage tourists, I rarely find locals my own age. It's really putting a dent in my plan to pick up a beautiful Italian girl over my short month in Italy. But during my current visit to the upbeat, bumping Generator Hostel on the island of Giudecca, [...]

25 06, 2014
  • Lake Como Milan Goats

When Goats Get Aggressive

Getting up close and personal with Lake Como's fauna. According to a fellow hostel-mate, "there are only two ways to truly experience Lake Como: either from the water or from the mountains." Since he had only arrived an hour earlier than me, I'm not quite sure why I took his advice so seriously, but after experiencing Como from both perspectives I certainly agree! I woke up to uninviting weather—the crisp blue sky had [...]

23 06, 2014
  • Lake Como Milan

Striking Gold in Como

On escaping Milan. I am not a huge fan of fashion. If you are like me and Pitti Uomo is not your thing, Milan is a city that can definitely be done in 1-3 days. After visiting museums and residential neighborhoods for 5 days, I was in desperate need of a break from city life. So a couple of hostel-mates and I spontaneously decided to head up to Lake Como for two [...]

20 06, 2014
  • Milan Fashion

Irreverence Towards Fashion

I thought I escaped materialism when I moved away from Great Neck, New York, but I certainly rediscovered it here in Milan. I'm not going to lie—of all the places on my Let's Go itinerary, Milan was certainly the city I was least excited about. Some people are into fashion, while others cannot tell the difference between a Prada bag and the fakes sold on the street for a twentieth of the [...]

13 06, 2014
  • Venice Lost

The Inevitable: Getting Lost in Venice

You will hear from just about everyone that the quintessential Venetian experience is getting lost in the maze of calle (small side streets), rios, and residential neighborhoods, walking without an aim, just hoping to explore. I'm not proud of it, but even when I'm using a map to find a new hostel I often become a victim of the city's complexity—and I've been here for 8 days already. I'm more accustomed to the [...]

9 06, 2014
  • Venice Honeymoon

“Reliving” a Venetian Honeymoon

My parents married in New York and flew off to Italy for a honeymoon in lover's paradise. That's exactly what Venice is. I heard stories about hotels with bathtub TVs overlooking the Grand Canal, restaurants for the spenders, and a gondola ride that encapsulates the magical aura of Venice. But only now have I been able to understand how special that trip must have been 21 years ago. There's a very apparent, [...]

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