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Hunter York is originally from Tupelo, Mississippi. At Harvard, he is a rising sophomore/pancake enthusiast in Winthrop House tentatively concentrating in organismic and evolutionary biology with a secondary in music. He is well-traveled within the states having visited 36 of them, but he has never been abroad. He enjoys singing operas loudly in the shower and crocheting in his free time.
20 10, 2015
  • Valle Nuevo National Park Let's Go

Dominican Republic: Villas y Valles

Hiking through Valle Nuevo National Park. 50º in the Dominican Republic? Seeing as I forgot my cold-weather clothes in New England, I was quite surprised when the thermometer dropped so low. We were within 100 miles of the highest peak on the island, Pico Duarte, so it actually made total sense to be that frigid, but for some reason I was still shocked when my bare arms and legs developed chill bumps. [...]

15 10, 2015
  • Loma Quite Espuela

Death/The DR’s Best Hike

“I should turn around now,” I think to myself as we begin our hike in Loma Quite Espuela. We were literally no more than 5% of the way, and I had still not had a solid bowel movement in nine days. Laying in the van seemed like a very appealing option at this point. Due to the draw of a really tall summit (+1000 vertical feet) and the promise of finally discovering my [...]

10 10, 2015

Parks and Constipation: The Top 3 National Parks in the Dominican Republic

Ebona Verde, La Isabella, and Monte Cristi. My titles keep getting better and better. Ebona Verde holds the top spot of national parks visited thus far. It literally translates to “green ebony” and references the magnolia trees that prosper in the area. As a former resident of the magnolia state, I was very appreciative of the little cousins to my home-state’s crowning jewel. At the highest peak in the park, there is [...]

5 10, 2015
  • Santiago Let's Go

New Beginnings?

Moving on to Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. I've moved to the other side of the island for the second half of my stay, I have visited two more museums and two more national parks, and I have managed to study for and take my first midterm for the course I’m studying. (But I don’t really think I can as wholesomely capture the essence of my summer course on this blog, so [...]

30 09, 2015
  • Haiti Let's Go

Aluminum Foil and New England Soil

A visit to the Haitian border. On our way back from Pedernales, we took the first possible chance to take a detour in preparation for the arduous journey…by paying a visit to the Haiti border. The border consisted of little more than a few armed guards, a small shack, and a fence that marked off what seemed to be a 20 ft “demilitarized zone” between the two countries. However, it also contained [...]

25 09, 2015
  • Bahia de las Aguilas Let's Go

Fireworms and Fireworks

Turtle-watching at Bahia de las Aguilas. On our second weekend excursion, we found ourselves at Bahia de las Aguilas. Located on the south shore of the island about 5 miles from Haiti and only 2 miles from the border town of Pedernales, the park hosts probably the most spectacularly preserved beaches on the island. However, the drive from Santo Domingo is over six hours, so the trip is not for the feint [...]

20 09, 2015
  • Bachata Let's Go

Santo Domingo: Bachata y Bailando

The sounds of the Dominican Republic. Hearsay and good luck had us back in the colonial zone sunday night. We had heard that every weekend, at the Cathedral de San Francisco ruins, there is live bachata music from 4 pm onwards. So following our instincts and an insatiable desire for the Latino/African fusion that is the national musical style of the Dominican Republic, we set out. However, due to to the indecisive [...]

15 09, 2015
  • Bayahibe Let's Go

Flamencos… Or The Lack Thereof

For the weekend, I found myself leaving my home-base of Santo Domingo for the east of the island. Our final destination was Bayahibe, a two hour drive – interrupted by a short break at Cueva de las Maravillas (the middle of nowhere). And so began another tour—this one in English. (Though I’m pretty sure I would have understood his Spanish better, the attempt was very appreciated.) For a part of the island that [...]

10 09, 2015
  • Let's Go Santo Domingo

El Cazador Takes Santo Domingo

In beginning of this travel blog, I never planned on having my first post occur a whole 10 days after my arrival. Chalk it up to laziness or to being entirely too busy exploring the island. (The latter, I like to think, is the more glamorous of the two.) Either way, my first post is here; I have poured my soul into it, and it is finished…or as finished as a post ending [...]

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