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23 12, 2015
  • terrace view of la barceloneta harbor and

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Eat: Meal Times and Meals in Barcelona

Barcelona’s sense of time and, say, Boston’s are entirely different. The day here starts at 9am (at the earliest) and ends at 4,5,6am. This means that breakfast is at 10am, siesta from 2-5pm, and dinner begins at 9pm at the earliest (and lasts until the bars close). It also means that the day revolves around food and conversation: gossip over cafe con leche, banter and bocadillos, life stories with churros con chocolate, and [...]

15 12, 2015
  • Spain_Cádiz_Buildings lining the water and the sea

Burning Up: A Festive Night in Cádiz

I love festivals. Especially when they happen without me knowing it – like secret ninja festivals. On June 22 of this year, I was hanging out in Cádiz, in the sandy hospitality of Casa Caracol, naively imagining that I could ask for a few more nights to enjoy the beach vibe and the great fried fish. I was sadly mistaken. The hostel, and the entire city, were booked for La Noche de San [...]

13 12, 2015
  • Sevilla Let's Go

Bacon-Wrapped Meat Kebabs (And More) in Sevilla

Thoughts from my time living in Sevilla, Spain. Went for a run in the Parque Maria Luisa, and returned with the requisite horse poop all over my shoes. Still don’t understand why they don’t just get rid of the horse-drawn carriages instead of spending the money to wash all the streets down every night. Yeah, they wash the streets down every night. Crews with big hoses and brooms and sporting fluorescent orange onesies [...]

11 12, 2015
  • Budapest Red bull

Meanwhile, in Budapest…

While traveling in Budapest this summer, I came across an interesting spectacle: an airplane flying under the Chain Bridge, one of the famous bridges that connect Buda and Pest across the Danube. Now, any New Yorker like me sees a plane flying low and thinks: run. But, it turns out, this flight was totally government-sanctioned! I should mention, there were also hundreds of people gathered along the length of the Danube and giant [...]

16 09, 2015
  • Dresden Let's Go

Tips for Rainy Day Travel

Nothing brings a trip down quite like an expected downpour…or hail storm, or blizzard, or plague of locusts. Unless you’re traveling to Seattle, it’s difficult to know in January what the weather is going to be like for your trip in May. Thanks to the planning gods, you have Let’s Go to provide you with some anywhere, any-weather solutions. Whether you’ve lost a day tanning because Hurricane Ruin Your Vacation has flown into [...]

7 09, 2015
  • Ireland Dublin Irishtown Let's Go

Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

 Eco-warriors, unite! It’s possible to see the world and protect it too by reducing your carbon footprint with these 10 easy steps (and unlike the manual for putting together that furniture, we’re actually serious about the easy part). Before You Go, Slay Vampires: Even when they aren’t on, plugged in electronics suck the lifeblood energy from your home. Before you step out the door, you can use your Blade-like powers to stop [...]

3 09, 2015
  • Turkey Istanbul Grand Bazaar

The Art of Bargaining

Admit it, we all secretly want to be that overconfident dude who walks into the street market and gets whatever price he darn well pleases. He knows he’s going to get that fez for some smooth lines, a grin, and maybe a 50% markdown on an off day. Really, who needs Black Friday or early bird specials if you can make up your own discount? But before you go plunging into the [...]

30 08, 2015
  • New Zealand Summit Let's Go

Top 10 Movie Filming Locations to Visit

 So you’re a traveler and a movie buff. High five. Whether you’re on top of this year’s blockbusters or rewatching It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas, congratulations on your excellent taste in hobbies. As undying fans of travel, cool people, and popcorn, we humbly suggest these ten awesome places to visit...that also might appear in your favorite scenes. 10. Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA—Dances With Wolves There’s a reason they call it [...]

27 08, 2015
  • Spain Cordoba

Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Some scams are pretty easy to spot, even for the most inexperienced of travelers. The man standing outside his restaurant thrusting a multilingual picture-book menu in your face as you pass, for instance, isn’t fooling anybody with his claim that the food is “best in city, good price.” Others, however, are a little more subtle in their price-gouging. Here are some of the most common ways to get cheated out of a few [...]

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