About Lucyanna Burke

Lucyanna Burke is originally from Boston but she'll be writing from Havana, Cuba this semester - assuming Gmail hasn't been blocked and she's been able to secure internet cards from the scalpers. She can usually be found around Havana eating, running, or retracing Hemingway's historical steps to the nearest Havana Club. Lucy is currently a senior at Harvard University, where she studies the History and Literature of Latin America.
1 12, 2015
  • Marabana Cuba

Couch to 21k: the Marabana

Havana, for all its charm and allure, is not a city for runners. That's not to say that you don't see them, pounding the uneven pavement of the Malecón seawall and huffing fumes through the tunnel that leads to the suburbs. But it's still a rare breed that chooses to train in this city, and for women even rarer - nothing breaks the peacefulness of a long run like being catcalled by old [...]

1 11, 2015
  • Coppelia

The Coppelia Experience

Nothing captures the absurdity of daily life in Cuba quite like a visit to Coppelia, the ice cream parlor/alien-spaceship-hidden-in-plain-sight that takes up a full city block in Havana. Most tourists value their time too highly to wait in the endless lines, so they pay three dollars to sit in the foreigners' section, a poor likeness of the Coppelia experience. Since I have nothing but time as a millennium in a city without [...]

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