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In eight short weeks, Lynn championed the behemoth that is Paris. A fast master of the Vélib’ system, she biked her way up many a hill and across the city's 20 arrondissements, scouting out new establishments at every turn. After climbing the steps of Montmartre, storming the streets of the city on Bastille Day, and trekking out to Chartres and Versailles, Lynn spent the last days of her route relaxing in Lyon with a big bottle of well-deserved wine.
26 08, 2015
  • Paris Metro Let's Go

Break it Down Now: The Parisian Metro

Sure, your French may be a bit rusty, and everyone looks like they stepped out of a magazine, but don’t be intimidated—the key to the heart of any city is through its symbolic, underground stomach. Save your monies for those buttery croissants and travel through Paris like a native. Maybe you’ll get lost on the way, or maybe you’ll end up sitting next to a sweet French boy (or maybe we watch [...]

19 08, 2015
  • Paris Alcohol Bottles

Save it For the Alcohol: Food Budgeting in Paris

Food is a tricky area for a budget traveler—when should you splurge on an expensive restaurant? Are you missing out if you don’t try the world-famous chocolate? Isn’t stuffing yourself with pain au chocolat part of the “cultural experience?” Well for that, yes, yes it is. But believe it or not, there are parts of the French cuisine that you can skip over to save some of your precious bling. Cheese I’m not [...]

14 08, 2015
  • Paris_Eiffel-Tower-and-Champs-de-Mars-sunset1

Fashion Killas: French Edition

You're a tourist in Paris. You will be judged. This is inevitable, but guess what? You’re in effing Paris, so we don’t feel too bad for you. As a tourist, you’ll stand out the first few days: you’ll wrinkle your brow over your map, take the same predictable photos at the Eiffel Tower, and after looking around, suddenly realize that you are, in fact, the only person wearing a T-shirt and sneakers. [...]

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