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Matt Shuham is a rising senior at Harvard studying history and English. When he's not writing for Let's Go, he's staying up late editing Harvard Political Review articles, practicing with The Cantab Cowboys, or pretending to practice French. He'll be blogging from Paris, Northern France, and Belgium this summer. In 40 years, he might not remember most of his summer abroad, unless he writes something horribly offensive and makes the news.
15 11, 2015
  • Sunrise with the Eiffel Tower

Being an Au-Pair: Is It for You?

Think you want to stay in Paris for a little more than a weekend? What about a few months? If this is the case, you have a few options: being a student abroad here is great, but things can get expensive and scholarships and financial aid often fall short of making the dream happen. For many, becoming an au pair is the answer. Au pairs are a curious mix between nannies, maids, [...]

3 11, 2015
  • Sniffing out the goods at Barthelemy in Paris

Your Grocery Guide to Paris

Real talk: your broke ass can‘t afford to eat in swanky French restaurants every meal (or even every day). Take deep breaths. That’s okay. In fact, it‘s more than okay: you’ll have a better food experience than the tourists who feel like they have to shell out for (mostly mediocre, tourist-trap) meals all the time. You‘re going to eat like a local: you’re going grocery shopping. I‘m about to teach you a [...]

29 10, 2015
  • Picnic in Paris

Let’s Have a Picnic: Tips for Alfresco Dining in Paris

One of my favorite things to do in Paris involves grabbing a few friends, a nice bottle of wine, and a quiet spot in a park. No, not orgies. Yes, picnics! From what I gather, picnicking isn‘t actually a huge Parisian tradition, but for the money, I can't find a better way to spend the afternoon in the city. So here are some necessities before you venture out: 1) A great spot. [...]

12 10, 2015
  • Paris_cool street art

Paris: Smoking Hot

It‘s true: everyone in Paris smokes. Or at least, it seems like everyone. I’m sure there are a few health- or otherwise image-conscious people who choose to forgo tobacco, but no matter how many this silent-possibly-majority are in number, they are hidden behind a screen of exhaling French people. Smoking is part of European culture: though the EU has strict health regulations, it seems that many young Americans grew up with a more [...]

2 07, 2014
  • Paris Trains

A Toast to Trains

The beauty of railroads in France. Tomorrow I'll be traveling from Paris to Blois, France to take a look at some beautiful chateaus built by the former French aristocracy. Wait, what?! I totally forgot to book any sort of transport to Blois during my last days in Paris. I don't have a car, and inter-city travel via plane isn't nearly as widespread here as it is in the U.S. My AirBNB [...]

28 06, 2014
  • McDonald's Paris Let's Go

Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way

On the necessary evil of McDonald's in Paris. McDonald's is a travel writer's best friend. Part of this job requires traveling hostel to hostel, bunk bed to bunk bed, free wifi code to free wifi code. That means that most of this job isn't really pegged to something I can call home (save a recent stay at Shakespeare and Company bookstore, which was amazing). McDonald's has become, in a sad state of [...]

25 06, 2014
  • Paris Ballet Let's Go

Bad Seats and Good Shows

Notes from the Paris ballet. I went to see some ballet tonight, unsure what would come of it: more tourist traps in a city (at least somewhat) known for lots of flashy advertisements without much substance behind them, or a night worthy of the admittedly paltry sum I had paid for it? Tickets were 12EU, I was told, for a seat that "overlooked the stage." I forgot to specify in my [...]

23 06, 2014
  • Matt Shuham Paris Shakespeare and Co

Not Nearly a Tourist Anymore…

Finding lodging at Shakespeare & Co. in Paris It's been a busy few days here, though the main change from last week is one of housing: gone (temporarily) are budget hostels and the anonymous roommates who inhabit them. In their place: a temporary bed at Shakespeare and Company, the Seine-side bookstore with a decades-old history in Paris' English literary scene. The shop offers beds to writers (nicknamed "tumbleweeds," as the tenants are [...]

17 06, 2014
  • Matt Shuham Brooklyn Rising

Brooklyn Rising

Le Williamsburg. Oh what a week it's nearly been. My plane touched down in Paris during the wee hours of June 11th, Wednesday. You can see it happen in the video I made for my previous blog. Since then, it's been 6 days of visiting new museums (Rodin's stands out as a favorite), meeting new people, trying new food, and exploring a Parisian nightlife that before now I hadn't really had a [...]

16 06, 2014
  • paris-eiffel

Matt Goes to Paris

On arriving in France. After 15 hours of overnight travel (and no sunsets - thanks Iceland Air!) I made it to Paris yesterday. It feels great to be here in the city and to finally able to start writing. I don't feel like a total outsider here, but suffice it to say I don't need to open my mouth before a waiter asks if I'd like him to speak English. I usually answer [...]

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