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Meg Bernhard is from Temecula, a small city in Southern California whose name means "sun shines through the mist" in Luiseño. In addition to Let's Go, Meg writes for the News Board on The Crimson, likes to garden/climb trees, and drinks a lot of loose-leaf tea. Meg hopes she won't get too badly sunburned in Spain and Portugal. Follow her on Twitter @meg_bernhard and Instagram @megbernhard.
15 11, 2015
  • Coffee and an accompanying snack

When in Lisbon: Top 10 Coffee Varieties to Order in the City

Planning on hitting up the local cafes in Lisbon? Don’t be daunted by the array of caffeine offerings. Here are the ins and outs of Lisbon coffee. Bica (expresso, cafe): A strong shot of black coffee served in one of those teeny cups. You’ll see people drinking these all day, regardless of the hour. It’s a tradition—and good for waking up after a lazy afternoon. Sugar is served on the side. Um [...]

12 11, 2015
  • Madrid Breakfast

Cheapskate’s Guide to Madrid

It’s easy to get around for close to nothing in Madrid, as long as you have your student ID and use a bit of creativity. While vast and rich with endless streets and corners, it is fairly easy to explore by foot (no metro cost!). Here’s a day-in-the-life of a money-saving, pedestrian tourist. 1. Grab breakfast at your hostel: When booking hostels in Madrid, be on the look out for places that [...]

27 10, 2015
  • Classic Madrid tapas

Make like Hemingway: Eat at Botin

When you step into the cavernous restaurant Botin, it’s easy to imagine Ernest Hemingway enjoying a few meals here. In his novel, The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway draws on his own dining experiences at the ancient Spanish establishment, writing: “We lunched upstairs at Botin’s. It is one of the best restaurants in the world. We had roast young suckling pig and drank rioja alta. Brett did not eat much. She never ate [...]

11 10, 2015
  • barrio de las letras madrid

Madrid’s Literary Neighborhood: Barrio de las Letras

It’s safe to say that when most tourists visit Madrid, they make a beeline for the Prado. Or for La Plaza Mayor. Or for sangria. Only late into their trips, if ever, do tourists learn of el Barrio de Las Letras, the city’s literary quarter that was once home to Spanish Renaissance greats like writer Miguel Cervantes, playwright Lope De Vego, and poet Francisco Gómez de Quevedo. The small neighborhood tucked away behind [...]

4 09, 2015
  • Lisbon Let's Go 3

Following the Tracks in the Opposite Direction

You'll see them winding down the hills of Portugal's capital, creaking through stoplights, past ancient cathedrals, across shady avenues. The sleepy yellow trams of Lisbon—iconic, enduring. Right now I'm riding number 28E to Martim Moniz, following the entire route. Dusk is falling, we've already hit the third stop on our journey, and the tram is near empty, which surprises me. Usually when I see this tram in particular, it's filled to [...]

29 08, 2015
  • Lisbon Let's go 2

Looking for Christ in Lisbon (And Not Finding Him)

There's a large statue of Christ that peers over Lisbon from the south side, across the Tagus river. It's like the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, except Lisbon's was finished later. The statue was commissioned as a gesture of gratitude, gratitude for God, who did not force Portugal to enter the Second World War. (Although, Salazar, Portugal's president at the time, actually bargained and traded with both the Allies and the [...]

24 08, 2015
  • Lisbon let's go

I Might Not Make It Out Of Lisbon… Ever

I’ve found a rival to Madrid. Lisbon—Lisboa, in Portuguese—home to windy streets, steep hills, colorful urban art, and a sparkling blue river that pours into the Atlantic. I read the book A Night Train to Lisbon (or at least attempted to read it) about five years ago, and though I can’t remember much about the plot, or the characters, or the tension, I do remember the feeling the book gave me [...]

21 08, 2015
  • Sagres Let's Go

Blown Away By Sagres

Sagres is a windy city. So windy that, as I was walking along the coastal cliffs yesterday on my way back to my hostel, I could feel the wind actually moving my body, like some anti-inertia force. I think that's what makes Sagres a great surfing city (or so I'm told, supposedly it's not surf season right now). Currently, the waves are choppy and rough, albeit small. But in the wintertime, they [...]

17 08, 2015
  • Ronda Let's Go

A History Lesson in Ronda

Have you ever seen 16th century Inquisition torture instruments? Neither had I. Until I visited Ronda. The instruments are housed at a museum called Lara, which is actually a privately-owned collection set out on public display. The collection is quite eclectic, including 19th century timepieces, carriages, revolvers, typewriters, pipes, bottled herbal remedies (relating to witchcraft). And then the basement room with those torture instruments. Here’s a list of the highlights: -A guillotine: [...]

13 08, 2015
  • Ibiza Let's Go

Time to Move On

Cesspool. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of Ibiza after having spent a day and a half here. It’s beautiful, of course. The ocean water is crystal blue, the Castle Moorish and staunch and covered in bright, papery bougainvilleas. But the things that happen here, the reasons people visit the island—these are dungy, materialistic, and to be frank, a little soulless. After I had climbed up to [...]

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