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Mike Skerrett is from Boston and allergic to guinea pigs. This summer he'll be traveling through Morocco and Spain and capturing the whole thing with his new Smilewide SelfieStik (TM). How could he not, when Smilewide's patented sliding design makes it so much easier to capture those special moments? Mike loves comedy and writing and the simple convenience of folding his Smilewide SelfieStik (TM) into the size of a standard pen! For questions, concerns, vague criticisms, and country music recommendations, Mike can be reached at smilewide.com/selfiestik/shills/mike1. Also on instagram and twitter @mikeskerrett.
25 07, 2016
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The Barcelona Dude — A Character Study

The Barcelona Dude is not from Barcelona. He is generally Australian or American or British, in Barcelona for vacation (or — ugh — “on holiday”) and looking to have a sweet time, bro, do you know any clubs? The Barcelona Dude read one too many “Top 9 Clubbing Cities in Europe (Number 4 Will Make You Poop Your Pants in Surprise!)” lists, and decided this was the city for him. The Barcelona Dude [...]

15 07, 2016
  • spain

Looking for a Place to Sleep During Running of the Bulls

Pamplona’s festival of San Fermín is known for its raucous partying and its early-morning bull run. Unfortunately, there is a three-hour period between 4am and 7am where neither is happening. This is my journey during those three hours. After a long night of clubbing, we come to an impasse: go to the car or sleep in the park? The guys I met have a car about 45 minutes away. One of the girls [...]

1 07, 2016
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Oh The Places You’ll Go, Oh The Weirdos You’ll Have Strange Interactions With

My hostel has a poster that says something to the effect of “the people you meet while traveling are more important than where you go.” You’re telling me some Australian and Canadian twentysomethings with beards and Birkenstocks are more important than ALL OF SPAIN? Do these twentysomethings have a GDP of $1.393 million? Do they have art and castles? Do they have an unemployment rate of 22.7%? Probably yes, actually. [...]

16 06, 2016
  • Tangier Nature

Lions: God’s Gift to Man, Sultan’s Gift to Thomas Carr

At the Old American Legation in Tangier, there is a letter by US Consul Thomas Carr complaining about how the Moroccan Sultan gave him two lions as a gift and said that if the gift was refused the messenger’s head would be cut off. Here’s how I imagine that conversation went. Messenger: And for you, sir, a gift from the Sultan. Carr: One of the richest men in Africa! What could it be? [...]

10 06, 2016
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A Delightful, Relaxing, Totally Conflict-Free Moroccan Bus Ride

Just kidding. 10:30am – Unclear if I'm on the right bus. Everyone else seems to have tickets with seat numbers on them, while mine has what I think is the Arabic symbol for "bad handwriting scribble." 10:57 – It seems I am not on the right bus. We are going in the opposite direction of the place I'm trying to get to. Or at least, that's what Google Maps says. But when has [...]

9 06, 2016
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A Steamy Adventure in a Marrakech Hammam

Throughout my life, I’ve prided myself on my ability to know when and when not to be naked. But travel, as the Wal-Mart motivational posters say, is about getting out of your comfort zone. The hammam (Moroccoan bath/massage/minefield for morons like yours truly who don’t know what they’re doing) I went to was the most intro-level hammam I could find. Hamam Lite™, if you will. Usually they’re big rooms where [...]

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