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Miles Hewitt covers London and Amsterdam for Let's Go. Past accolades: 3-time top-voted commenter, フレッドYOLO Facebook page; best scrambled eggs this side of the Mason-Dixon (2011, 2013); 2014 Hoops on the River Men's recreational 6ft+ bracket, runner-up (as member of Men II Godz).
6 01, 2016
  • London Park

Top 5 Books We (Wish We) Found at the Book Market Under Waterloo Bridge

1. You Can Take It and Eat It (And Chew Your Life Supply): The Duran Duran Cookbook. Though it never caught on across the Atlantic, this collection of recipes compiled by the UK new wave band remains an integral part of any British chef’s oeuvre. 2. The Nights of the Round Table. Pure smut, but a fascinating historical artifact nonetheless. 3. The Heritage Collector’s Guide to British and Irish Doilies, Eleventh Ed. [...]

17 12, 2015
  • London Portobello Market

In Search of Hugh Grant

I was a make-believe Brit for six months, I spent one of those glorious days by myself pretending I was in Notting Hill, the quintessential British rom-com staring the ever-floppy and ever-stereotypical Hugh Grant. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It always brightens my day and it clarifies this blog post. The day began with a search for the bookshop. I emerged from the Tube, stalked some groups of people towards what looked like the [...]

14 07, 2015
  • 20150708_163133_Pano

Vaarwell, Amsterdam

About thirty feet away to my right is the big window opening onto the Schiphol Airport runway, which in the receding hours of the day is being misted upon. The pretty view is being ignored by a man, who, too old to retain full Partybr0 licensing and rights and yet still with the requisite orange Nike Miami Dolphins tee, adjacent phalanx of downed Heinekens, and sunglasses suspended, hazardously, above a confusingly co-orange forehead, [...]

9 07, 2015
  • 20150708_161704

In Honor Of Isaac Brock’s Birthday This Title Is Short(er), But Don’t Worry, I Haven’t Lost My Edge: Seventeen: Mouse

A few nights ago I was at one of the stranger concerts of my handsome young life: Modest Mouse, who since around the time I was born have been yelling about cockroaches and the Devil and stuff, and are somehow still at it, on a Friday night in Utrecht, half an hour south of Amsterdam as the train, my ticket for which no one ever checked and therefore I’m a little annoyed I [...]

5 07, 2015
  • 20150702_194104

O Ye of Blogging, Hearken To My Blog; Be Not Ill-Instructed, For Indeed Blogging Be It, If Of Lofty Countenance; For Those of Blog Skepticism, Be Not Afeared: 16: Chill

As near as I can tell, typing from within the second-story window of my mom’s friends’ flat while the first rain/lightning/thunder combo in recent memory goes on outside, Amsterdam has been a blast. Beyond the itinerary—two humid days of writing from the bottom bunk, a couple more exploring with wonderful travelers from Baltimore and Austin, and the long-foretold reemergence of Beloved Harvard Roommate, with a cluster of siblings and hangers-on in tow (major [...]

29 06, 2015
  • 20150608_142410_Pano

A Doublepart Blog, Out Of Respect For The Transition This Trip, And Accompanying Blog, Must Surely Now Take: 14 & 15: Leaving & Arriving

Yesterday, I dropped off British Friend’s guitar with his dad down in Richmond, who brewed English tea in his backyard garden and bade me a very sweet goodbye before I hopped on a train and then another train, and then one more at King’s Cross/St. Pancras which took me at last away from London. The original trainride, from Gatwick airport to Victoria station six weeks ago, is now a somewhat-remembered, dimly-felt parabola—I remember [...]

29 06, 2015
  • 20150627_124929

O, How This Baker’s Dozen Of Blogs Did Come To Be: It Were That Were There Twelve, But Lo! Now Be There Thirteen: Westminster

My last day and a half in London is underwhelmingly packed with errands—aside from a quick jaunt through a Pride- and beer-soaked Trafalgar Square, I’ve mostly been doing the little things for the job: finding restaurants and hostels, keeping to the shade and nipping into the occasional pub for some cold cider when the (surprisingly hot) weather reaches peak static numbness. The exception to the humdrum stuff is Westminster Abbey, which I’ve been [...]

25 06, 2015
  • Message_1434901194491

One Dozen, Indeed; A Fine Number For Them, Being Blogs Such As They Are, To Be, And, As Such, Twelve There Are Now: Travel

Back in the same little teashop with the dregs of my vanilla-strawberry tea, which, in spite of Cute Recent British Acquaintance’s raising of her polite eyebrows—“but fruity teas can be so. . . .” she trailed off—is frankly amazing, esp. when coupled with chocolate velvet cake kept fresh under sheets of plastic up at the front. I’m midway through a tooth-yankingly awful writing batch, with the internet dying again and again like so [...]

22 06, 2015
  • 20150621_164855_Pano smaller

Now the Blogs Are Known, And in Turn Ten of Them Have Been Seen; So Shall This, In Time, Serve to Be the Eleventh: Christ

So long, Shoreditch, I’m leaving you for Camden. And it serves me right that our separation drops me back into the same kind of undercleaned and underhip hostel I’ve been trying to avoid—I should’ve learned by now that the more I move around, the less I sleep and the more the trip feels like a series of disappearing dates. Having gotten up at I won’t even tell you how early, I arrived at [...]

19 06, 2015
  • A panorama photo of London by the Thames

Ten Blogs Have Passed; Still More of These Blogs Shall Be; This, Though, the Tenth: Quietude

Hi blogland: it’s been awhile—since taking up residence in Shoreditch, the nights have been protracted til 3am and beyond, not always by choice per se, but because Shoreditch is by volume 80% clubs ‘n’ pubs, with several of the most zealous (note to editor: “bumpin’est”?) clustered beneath my window. Throw in the dude coughing his lungs up and out and an internet connection best characterized as pre-Raphaelite and you’ve basically gleaned my last [...]

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