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Shaun is roaming the Australian continent in search of his biological father, Hugh Jackman. Interests include snuggling, elderly Korean couples, eliminating his enemies, and cookie dough. Did you know he can name every world capital? WELL HE CAN. Follow him as he chugs boxed wine, munches on eucalyptus with his posse of snarky koalas, and attempts to live out the childhood he never had (thanks a lot, Dad). #ReHUGHnion2015.
27 11, 2015
  • Australia_Brisbane_DSC00145

Top 5 Places to Get Your Shop On in Brisbane

1) Jan Powers Farmers Markets (Wed, 10am-6pm, Sat, 6am-12pm) Food! Errbody loves food. Bringing a taste of the country to the cold hard streets of downtown Brisbane, come soak in the olfactory goodness of homemade cookies, pasta sauce, and fresh oranges. There are so many delicious smells your nose may jump off your face and live in the paella cart. Just watch out: hidden amongst the culinary bliss are some terrifying rip-offs [...]

5 07, 2015
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That Time I Jumped Out of a Plane (+Sassy Rainbow Bird).

G’day bunnies, Just as Americans love frying and the French love pouting, Australians love placing themselves in a charming array of life-threatening situations for the sole purpose of bragging to friends about the size of their balls. Or their…ovaries? I’m not pre-med. It makes sense, then, that you can’t walk a block in Sydney without spotting an ad for some increasingly bizarre excursion. Swim with hammerhead sharks! Bungee jump off a possibly abandoned, definitely [...]

24 06, 2015
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That Time I Swallowed the Devil in a Cute Little Thai Place.

G’day team, It’s stormed for five days straight, but even in the rain, Sydney is unabashedly gorgeous. Decidedly less gorgeous? How it goes all Hannibal Lecter on my wallet’s innards. This place is 60% vegan, 40% Italian, and 0% bargain. But hurrah! For budget travelers, there’s a delicious, chopstick-laden loophole: Asian food. My diet thus far has consisted of noodles and dumplings and curries and more noodles with the occasional turkey sandwich because [...]

19 06, 2015
  • Australia hippie bus

That Time I Frolicked with Hippies in a Mountaintop Village.

G’day munchkins, Three nights ago my mohawk-sporting, tattoo-collecting Kiwi hostel-mate presented me with an astute evaluation: “You know mate, you’re nineteen. You need to stop giving a shit. I’m telling you, people here’ll think you’re crazy.” He then whipped out a bag of magic mushrooms and launched into a rant about how George W. Bush is really Obama’s dad. To be fair, he had a point (about me, not POTUSs). I’m freaked out [...]

19 06, 2015
  • Australia surfing paradise, Byron Bay

That Time I Hitchhiked to Actual Surfer’s Paradise, Byron Bay.

G'day lovelies, In seventh grade, I decided that at 23 I would move to Oregon and become a hipster. My entire wardrobe would consist of battered-down plaid flannel shirts and dark-rimmed glasses. My Portland apartment would contain nothing more than a record player, a hand-made ukulele, and a VHS collection of Wes Anderson films. I would brandish a mustache comb at all times and communicate solely through etch-a-sketch because talking is for followers. [...]

19 06, 2015
  • Australia Surfing Paradise

That Time I Wandered Australia’s Biggest Mall, Surfer’s Paradise.

G’day amigos, What springs to mind when you hear the name “Surfer’s Paradise?” Wetsuits? Blondes? “Duuuuuude”? Elysian fields composed solely of marijuana? If this was any other country, congrats! All correct. But this is Australia, where snakes rain from the skies and the top news story is a ten second video of a goat riding a scooter. So the fact that Surfer’s Paradise is not in fact paradise for surfers isn’t misleading in [...]

10 06, 2015
  • Brisbane, Australia

That Time I Went Clubbing Alone in the Sixth Circle of Hell.

G’day boo bears, Brisbane is not the place for twenty-something partiers. Are the parks pristine? Of course. The riverbanks serene? You betcha. But you’ll never club the night away and wake up on a beach with no hair, a monocle, and a criminal record. It’s the place where you go to settle down. Buy a house. Have kids. Statistically, get a divorce. And probably die. Basically, you know you’re looking for excitement in [...]

3 06, 2015
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That Time I Went to a Football Game Because #SportzRule.

G’day pals, Fact: Sports hate me. Judging from the slew of participation ribbons and “You Tried!” stickers lining my windowsill, I would say that every former coach of mine would agree. Is it because I possess the athleticism of a pre-weight-loss Oprah? Perhaps. But the feeling is mutual: this is a kid whose favorite athletic event is the season finale of The Voice. So when the opportunity arose to watch an Australian Rules [...]

1 06, 2015
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That Time I Arrived in Australia and the Sun Kicked my Ass.

G’day friends, After navigating the infrastructural tragedy that is LAX, mowing down a small army of elderly Japanese women whilst sprinting to catch my flight, and sitting beside a man-bun-sporting film school teacher who described his directorial style as “Scorsese meets Lil’ Mama,” ya boy arrived in Brisbane approximately 48 hours ago. Huzzah! Shaunie’s Australian Adventure begins! Fair warning: the internet here is total shit. Seriously. The wi-fi gods blessed every developed country [...]

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