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Tiffani is a rising sophomore who has no clue what do to with her life, which is probably why she's roaming the UK and Ireland this summer instead of having that deep conversation about what it all means with herself. When she’s not avoiding facing her early mid-life crisis, Tiffani spends her time reading, napping, and watching hydraulic press videos on Youtube. Follow her adventures as she gets lost in the rolling green hills of Ireland, the majestic Highlands of Scotland, and the bustling cities of England (she’s really bad with directions). You can also find her on Instagram (@lainamademedothis) and admire the 12 photos she’s managed to post.
1 07, 2016
  • York Featured Image

Cryin’, Sneezing’, and Snottin’

York is an old, old town, full of history and ancient buildings. I’m also pretty confident that York is home to a lot of old, old dust, which for me translates into watery eyes and sneezing that just won’t quit. There’s nothing quite like having snot dripping down your face when you’re trying to buy a ticket to a museum, or having eyes so red and watery people look at you like you’ve [...]

29 06, 2016
  • tif

American Inclination, English Party Situation, and Things That Need Explanation

My string of hostel friends has been, to put it one way, unfortunate. I seem to get stuck in rooms with lots of strange people, people that go to bed at eight, and people who seem friendly and then get too friendly and then it gets weird. So when I met someone in my room that seemed relatively normal and didn’t try to hit on me, I was pretty stoked, especially when she [...]

27 06, 2016
  • DSCF0483

The 5 Hostel-Mates You’ll Find in the UK

The Snorer The amount of noise this person can produce while they’re unconscious is nothing short of incredible. It’s almost a gift. Unfortunately, that gift is going to keep you up all night unless you have some earplugs or noise canceling headphones. The Night Owl Everyone goes to bed around the same time. Everyone except for this guy. Just as you’re about to drift into peaceful slumber they stomp into [...]

17 06, 2016
  • Tiffani Ladylike Featured Image

Teenagers, Casual Violence, and Being a Damn Lady

My night last night began with a casual stroll down the River Liffey to the Ha’Penny Bridge in search of the best pub that Temple Bar could provide me. The night was warm, people were laughing, and all in all I was feeling pretty good about everything. Then some kid slaps me in the face, palm full of some unknown but disturbingly gloppy substance. Whoa – that was unexpected. For [...]

14 06, 2016
  • untitled (9)

Lone Wolf, Bars, and The Face of a Child

Well, my 2-week mini-vacation with visiting family is over as they have officially left the building. So long dad, and bye big bro. It's back to just me. Tif. The uno. Wolf pack of one. Anyway, due to my lack of focus and brief hiatus from hostel life I had a few bars to visit and no friends to come with me. Yay.   After having a bus driver guilt me for taking [...]

11 06, 2016
  • Tiffani Freatured Image

Ghosts, Getting Lost and 40 Year Old Friends

After sleeping through most of my flight and being disappointed by the lack of poutine in Canada, I’ve finally made it the Emerald Isle, the Land of the Leprechaun, the Shamrock Shores – Ireland, for those not in the mood for some witty alliteration. I decided to take myself on a tour around town, since my first day wasn’t until tomorrow, and within 30 minutes I was completely lost and without any map [...]

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