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Tim is a Let's Go first-timer making his way through the socialist wastelands of Scandinavia this summer. He enjoys languages, bacon and everything Star Wars (except Jar Jar Binks). When not sampling Smörgåsbord lunch meats with his hands, he is a first-year linguistics student at Harvard and once high-fived Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest. To keep up to date with his zany antics, check out his columns here or those of his squeaky-clean FB alter ego, "Timothy Doner - Polyglotpal."
6 07, 2015
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Malmö Madness

**TRIGGER WARNING** picture of obscenely wrapped burrito below Dear friends, I have looked tyranny in the face and it is no man; it is, in fact, a burrito. I had high hopes the other day as I passed the fateful restaurant, a brazen attempt at a Chipotle knockoff in the heart of Malmö. Intimidated at the sheer amount of choices, I went for the classic - chicken burrito, guac, white rice, black beans [...]

6 07, 2015
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Top 5 Warning Signs When You Book a Hostel Online

1. Room sizes Hosteling by its very nature is an intimately unsettling experience: you’re in a room full of total strangers, breathing in all of their sweat and ethers and gas and snores until you pass out from lack of oxygen. And if a room of four can generate more condensation than a temperate rainforest, what do you think is going to happen when you have dozens of human beings under the same [...]

28 06, 2015
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Last Tango in Stockholm: A Terrible Beauty is Born

“Do not go gentle into that good night; rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Squad Goals: Don't be this Guy Dylan Thomas wrote that in 1947 and, despite the 70 years separating us, I feel like he wrote it for me. You see, my social life oscillates between Attila the Hun and Millard Filmore — on some nights I’m a barbarian threatening civilization; on others, a human pastry with [...]

23 06, 2015
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They Call You WHAT?: The Linguistics of Swedish Names

Ever do a doubletake when a foreigner tells you their name means “sweetness” or “blue mountain” or “all tires 50% off”? Coming from a society full of Jachs, Kyles and Jons, it just seems natural. Names aren’t supposed to mean something — they’re simply sounds we throw together and sometimes misspell to make our kids “unique” (or, better, Yooneak). The day we start calling ourselves “Sunshine” and “Elf Warrior” is the day we [...]

22 06, 2015
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Night of the Living Trolls: Part 1

In Hollywood, hostels are often portrayed as the travelling equivalent of American Pie: the drinking is non-stop, the baby-making is on point and some guy named Hans is playing guitar as we all pass around the peace pipe. So far, though, most places have been the exact opposite. In Oslo, I met more damp Russian businessmen than hedonistic youth, and the conversations were about as fun as gargling truffle-infused asphalt (note to Brooklyn: [...]

18 06, 2015
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The Drink That Mead My Day

Let’s say you get in a car crash tomorrow and your life flashes before your eyes. Now, you’ve had some accomplishments: that Little League game you won, that trip to London you took, that time Beyoncé “definitely” made eye contact with you at a concert. But all of those mean nothing if you’ve never tried mead. Part honey, part wine, all deliciousness, it’s an ancient beverage with more flavors than Paris Hilton has [...]

18 06, 2015
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The Ship that Sank Faster than Rachel Dolezal’s Career

Sweden, circa 17th Century In the 1600s, Sweden was the badboy of Europe (we’re talking wine-at-dinner, bedtime-past-11, totally-banged-this-girl-at-summer-camp-one-time badboy) and King Gustav Adolf wanted everyone to know it. Despite the war-crimey name, Adolf was actually a pretty smart guy: over the course of his reign, he turned  Sweden from a rural backwater kingdom into the Baltic superpower of the day. Like people who buy humvees or shoot 50-caliber weapons, though, he [...]

14 06, 2015
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An Alcoholic’s Guide to Bergen Museums

School Museum You’ve got three days in Bergen and you’re spending your time at a school museum? A fucking school museum? You’d need the personality of a toothpaste salesman to think that was interesting! Crush a few Carlsbergs, though, and suddenly it’s pretty bitchin’. Holy shit, the basis of the Norwegian school system was Medieval ecclesiastical education? The Viking King Hakon made Bergen a local powerhouse through the use of standardized writing? The [...]

13 06, 2015
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That Time Tim Almost Robbed a Food Cart

“This looks like bleach,” I tell the saleswoman. She nods sympathetically and points to the “20 Kroner” price tag on the table. “No, no you’re not getting me— is this a smoothie or bleach?” She stares at me with blank eyes and motions that I should put this monstrosity in my mouth. “I understand how to drink it — but seriously how much much bleach is in here? A quarter cup? Is it [...]

12 06, 2015
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Hot Date Tonight? Try the Leprosy Museum!

What did the leper say to the prostitute? Keep the tip.  "I woke up like dis" You may be surprised to know that no one in 19th century Norway would have found this joke funny…partly because it was a more conservative time and partly because every fucking person in this country had leprosy. For those of you who don’t know, leprosy is a horrific disease that eats away at your body [...]

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