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Zeb is a native New Englander and a seasoned outdoorsman who, having spent too much time in Massachusetts, jumps at any and every opportunity to distance himself from his hometown. Since taking a hiatus from crew, Zeb now uses his spare time trying to figure out how to focus a camera while searching for food sources. You can follow Zeb’s attempts to make jokes as he gets hopelessly lost in Cuba on his Let’s Go blog or on Instagram @zebgoodman.
30 09, 2016
  • hanoi-street-food-tour-1-2

I Killed a Chicken with My Own Two Hands, Pt. 2

The girl led me to a hacked up wooden block lying in the dirt, handed me a dull machete, looked me in the eyes, and made a karate chop gesture towards her throat. I didn’t really need more instruction than that, but I was deeply afraid that I’d butcher the butchering process and only chop half the chicken’s head off on the first go, forcing both the chicken and my conscience to suffer [...]

1 08, 2016
  • pexels-photo-58597-medium

I Killed a Chicken with My Own Two Hands, Pt. 1

When I was in kindergarten my class put on a weird musical production of the Yellow Submarine in which we all dressed up as sea creatures and permanently destroyed any positive associations our parents may have had with the Beatles. After the show, the rest of the day was dedicated to vaguely ocean-themed activities, one of which (for reasons still unknown to me) involved dissecting a boiled mussel with a [...]

20 07, 2016
  • zeb

The Vietnam Catfish (Pt. 3)

Date Three My third Tinder match claimed to be a 23-year-old environmental studies student and invited me to a bar called the Hanoi Social Club. Upon meeting her there, however, I discovered that she was actually a 32 year old catfish, and not a catfish in the sense that she had lied about her age and was trying to kidnap me, but in the sense that she was a literal [...]

14 07, 2016
  • zeb 2

The Vietnam Catfish (Pt. 2)

Date Two For my second date, she-who-must-not-be-named (we’ll call her Hue) recommended a bar in the old quarter called Polite Pub. The bar was a 1920s speakeasy-type place with black and white photos from prohibition-era America. There was a live band and a pretty funky cocktail menu, so right off the bat I was glad to be there considering most of the other bars I had seen were full of tourists and backpackers [...]

8 07, 2016
  • hoi an

The Vietnam Catfish (Pt. 1)

I’m a big proponent of solo traveling. It’s relatively easy to meet fellow travelers at hostels or backpacker-bars or wherever else they tend to lurk, but even the most social travelers (myself not amongst them) sometimes find themselves in a lull where they’ll end up spending more time than anticipated walking around and eating meals alone. Normally I don’t mind this, but a few days ago I found myself wanting someone to hangout [...]

16 01, 2016
  • Cannes Boardwalk

When in Cannes

The beaches in Cannes are some of the best along the French Riviera due to the presence of sand as opposed to the more commonly found pebbles of the Cȏte d'Azur. No, this sand is not a miracle of nature found only in Cannes, it is a product of the wealthy residents of the city paying to import sand from more fortunate beaches to avoid having to bruise their well-manicured feet. You [...]

8 12, 2015
  • Cliff Jumping in Nice

Flight School: Cliff Jumping in Nice

If your mom never yelled at you while you were younger and said something along the lines of, "if all your friends told you to jump off of a cliff would you do it?!" then you were probably a total square and should go back to class, you teacher's pet. In Nice, if your friends tell you to jump off of a cliff, you should totally do it. The geography of the [...]

6 12, 2015
  • Antibes Harbor

ABCs of Antibes: Absinthe, Billionaires, & Coastline

Antibes is the small town squished between Nice and Cannes that serves as a backup port for those who can't find a place to moor their yacht in Cannes. Okay, this might not be totally true, but Antibes is famous for "Billionaire's Bay," a bay that should require no explanation further than its title.  Beyond being one of the world's most valuable parking garages, Antibes is home to several other interesting attractions. [...]

2 12, 2015
  • Santa Clara Che Statue

Today’s S(Che)due: Your Itinerary for Santa Clara, Cuba

If you visit Santa Clara and don’t visit the obligatory Che sights, then we honestly have no idea what you’re visiting Santa Clara for, and we’d like to ask you for future research. If you are visiting the sights, at least do them in this neatly logical order. The best route is to start furthest west at the Estatua de Che y Niño. You may want to fork over 1 CUC for [...]

26 11, 2015
  • Varadero Beach, Cuba

El Malecón: Paradise by the Sea

The Malecón is a five mile long seaside esplanade that stretches from Havana Harbor in the east to the western edge of Vedado. It’s cordoned off from the ocean by a crumbling, mildewed seawall that overlooks jagged, barnacled rocks swimming in the surf below. Interestingly enough— though not in the least surprisingly— the Malecón serves as a microcosm that represents Havana as a whole. In fact, pretty much anything you can see [...]

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