15 07, 2016
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The Steel Elephant

Hi there, welcome to my blog! This first post recounts the day I arrived in Spain last August, where I would be living for the next five months…   August 8, 2015: So, here we are. We have arrived in Spain. And yes I do mean we, not just I, because I have traveled here with my entire family. Although college students decide to study abroad for a variety of reasons, I [...]

23 12, 2015
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Eat: Meal Times and Meals in Barcelona

Barcelona’s sense of time and, say, Boston’s are entirely different. The day here starts at 9am (at the earliest) and ends at 4,5,6am. This means that breakfast is at 10am, siesta from 2-5pm, and dinner begins at 9pm at the earliest (and lasts until the bars close). It also means that the day revolves around food and conversation: gossip over cafe con leche, banter and bocadillos, life stories with churros con chocolate, and [...]

20 11, 2015
  • Barcelona Market

Ten Free-ish Things to Keep You Busy in Barcelona

· Park Guell. Park Guell features some of Gaudi’s most impressive designs. Until recently, admission was free; however, the park surrounding the area is still open to enter and has promises great views of the city. · La Rambla. La Rambla is a long walkway packed with shops, street performers, restaurants, bars, and wide-eyed foreigners— just like you. Although it is a tourist trap, it's definitely worth a wander, and if you keep [...]

16 11, 2015
  • Costa Brava beach

Top 10 Beaches in Costa Brava

Sant Francesc. This is a delightful little cove near Blanes. The water is crystal clear, green, and blue as you get deeper. You can see it from the gardens above, and sometimes you'll find local fisherman catching octopus while you swim. Bay of Roses. A very large bay with extensive restaurants and hotels along the shore. A popular tourist destination, the Bay of Roses features many water sports such as jet skiing [...]

2 11, 2015
  • Exploring the streets of Sitges

Top 5 Day Trips Out of Barcelona

Montserrat. Head to Espanya station to purchase roundtrip tickets to Montserrat, which entails taking a train and cable car up the mountain. Once at the top, visit the Basilica, gaze upon the Virgin of Montserrat, and do some wine tasting. Don't forget your camera. Sitges. Sitges is a beautiful coastal resort town with nicer, less populated beaches than those in Barcelona. You can get there by a 25-minute car or train ride [...]

3 09, 2015
  • Turkey Istanbul Grand Bazaar

The Art of Bargaining

Admit it, we all secretly want to be that overconfident dude who walks into the street market and gets whatever price he darn well pleases. He knows he’s going to get that fez for some smooth lines, a grin, and maybe a 50% markdown on an off day. Really, who needs Black Friday or early bird specials if you can make up your own discount? But before you go plunging into the [...]

26 06, 2015
  • Barcelona Gaudi

All of Barcelona in One Day

Or, how to successfully navigate the Gaudí lines. So, if you have only one day to visit Barcelona, your best bet to see the most important parts of the city is either the City Tour bus or the Bus Touristic. They cost around 30 euros, but you can get off and on as many times as you like during the day, as long as you have your ticket with you. Buses come [...]

26 06, 2015
  • Running of the Bulls Pamplona Let's Go Wesley Rivera

I Successfully Ran With the Bulls.

The insanity of San Fermin. Editor's Note: In anticipation of this year's San Fermín festival, here's Wesley's harrowing account of running with the bulls in 2014. The craziness that was San Fermín has now ended, and the city of Pamplona is entirely changed. Yesterday was a long and eventful day that I'll never forget. It started at 5:30 when I woke up freaking out that I was actually going to run with the [...]

30 08, 2014
  • Barcelona Gaudi

Last Week in Barcelona

Tips and tricks for navigating the city. Reporting semi-live from somewhere between Barcelona and Dublin. I am on my way home after six weeks in Barcelona and Costa Brava with the most amazing people. I don't have the words in Castellano or in English to describe how fortunate I am to have been an au pair for the Circuns family. They showed me the true heart of what it means to live [...]

28 07, 2014
  • Barcelona Jamon

Going Ham on the City

The Jamón Experience. Day 6 in Barça. No signs of peanut butter. But, I'm not complaining. I've seen so much of Barcelona, and spent this past weekend in Montras, Palamos, and other villages in Costa Brava, which is to Barcelona what Cape Cod and the islands are to Boston, but bigger (more on that later). On Thursday night, my host family took me to the center of Barcelona, el Barrio Gótico, to [...]

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