4 01, 2016
  • Prague Letnapark

Czech It Out: Holešovická Tržnice

In its youth, Holešovická Tržnice served as a site for cattle slaughter – then it got married, had kids, bought mom jeans and now, lives a tamer life as a market for cheap goods, fresh produce and second-hand clothes. A little bit of everything, this marketplace probably looks something like your grandma’s attic, plus bushels of fruit and vegetables. For farmer’s market lovers, Holešovická Tržnice’s Hall 22 boasts a respectable range of [...]

2 01, 2016
  • Thessaloniki Panorama

Top 5 Places to Drink (in Public) in Thessaloniki

So maybe you can’t do everything on the streets, but drinking is totally okay. Why drink in bars when you’re in the gorgeous city of Thessaloniki? Grab a sketch plastic bottle of wine and go to one of these places instead. The Castle: Made the hike up to the castle in Ano Polis? We’ll drink to that. Come up around sunset, creep along the walls to find the perfect spot to watch [...]

31 12, 2015
  • Syracuse Cannoli

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth in Palermo

Palermo is a pretty sweet town—if you don’t mind the fish heads on the streets by the markets and the constant grime on church facades that no Biblical flood could wash away. But walk into any bakery or pasticceria and you’ll realize just how sweet Palermo is. I dolci, or sweets, are a specialty here. So if you’re in Palermo, be sure to try these three tasty desserts. 1. Cannoli: A sweet [...]

26 12, 2015
  • IMG_5162

Navigating the Köln Weihnachtsmarkt

The Köln Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) – a place for Glühwein, a pint of beer (especially in the uncommonly warm weather for December) and eating good food. It has all the feelings of Christmas with freshly baked pastries, good music and little shops designed like you would see in a small German village in the Alpine mountains. However, for a novice in the way of navigating the Weihnachtsmarkt there were a few things I [...]

23 12, 2015
  • terrace view of la barceloneta harbor and

What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Eat: Meal Times and Meals in Barcelona

Barcelona’s sense of time and, say, Boston’s are entirely different. The day here starts at 9am (at the earliest) and ends at 4,5,6am. This means that breakfast is at 10am, siesta from 2-5pm, and dinner begins at 9pm at the earliest (and lasts until the bars close). It also means that the day revolves around food and conversation: gossip over cafe con leche, banter and bocadillos, life stories with churros con chocolate, and [...]

13 12, 2015
  • Sevilla Let's Go

Bacon-Wrapped Meat Kebabs (And More) in Sevilla

Thoughts from my time living in Sevilla, Spain. Went for a run in the Parque Maria Luisa, and returned with the requisite horse poop all over my shoes. Still don’t understand why they don’t just get rid of the horse-drawn carriages instead of spending the money to wash all the streets down every night. Yeah, they wash the streets down every night. Crews with big hoses and brooms and sporting fluorescent orange onesies [...]

7 12, 2015
  • Rome Apertivo at Cul Du Sac

Pre-gaming Your Pre-game: Apertivo

With its evening tradition of apertivo, Italy has basically found an excuse for its citizens to pregame dinner every single night. Not really, but this pre-dinner period is still a great way to get the fermented juices flowing before sitting down for a later meal (Italians normally don't eat dinner until 8:30 or 9pm, so apertivo is a good way to tide yourself over between lunch and the last meal of the [...]

6 12, 2015
  • Antibes Harbor

ABCs of Antibes: Absinthe, Billionaires, & Coastline

Antibes is the small town squished between Nice and Cannes that serves as a backup port for those who can't find a place to moor their yacht in Cannes. Okay, this might not be totally true, but Antibes is famous for "Billionaire's Bay," a bay that should require no explanation further than its title.  Beyond being one of the world's most valuable parking garages, Antibes is home to several other interesting attractions. [...]

5 12, 2015
  • Salvador Street

Foodie Finds: Street Cuisine of Salvador

Salvador is a long haul from the metropolitan south of Brazil, so it’s no surprise that— with its distinct history and ethnic makeup— it would also sport an array of unique cuisines and flavors. Here are our top picks for local street foods worth sampling that you won’t find elsewhere in the country. 1.     Fried thing with okra and shrimp, These little concoctions, consisting of fried dough balls filled with [...]

4 12, 2015
  • Chianti Winery Tour

Top 5 Tasty Treats of Tuscany

Tuscany doesn't specialize in Pisa pizzas, so when you find yourself in the Italian Hillz, head for a local trattoria and try some of these regional specialties. 1. Tortelli Lucchese. It may look like standard meat ravioli, but this egg-based pasta primi isn't your average Chef Boyardee. In addition to being served in a meat sauce, this pasta is also stuffed with even more meat and can be served in a variety [...]

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