1 09, 2015
  • arancina bomba

Arancina Bomba

Hungry? If you answered yes, then you're not ready. You should probably answer with an "oh my fucking god give me some food." Then maybe you're ready for the arancina bomba. My hostel owner told me about Bar Touring. He told me they had enormous arancina that tested even the bravest warriors. Um challenge accepted. Known as "la bomba," or the bomb, these mammoth arancine are about half a kilo in weight. Can't [...]

31 08, 2015
  • Italy_Naples_Chiesa+di+Gesu+Nuovo

Naples: Putting on a Facade

A visit to the Chiesa di Gesu Nuovo Venite Adoremus – "Come, let us adore him." It’s a line you can find above the front door to a bunch of churches around here. Not so much at the Chiesa di Gesu Nuovo. I picked up more of a  “stay back or I’ll poke you” vibe from this facade. This church reminds me a whole lot more of Gotham than it does of God. [...]

25 08, 2015
  • Italy Assisi let's go

Two Days in Assisi

That’s not a ton of time, but there’s not a ton of Assisi. The sky was gray on when I arrived at the train station, and I figured it would be best to spend the next few hours checking off as many sights as I could, just in case the imminent rain would stick around through the next day. Turns out I was half-right: rain would not stick around till the [...]

20 08, 2015
  • Let's Go Genoa

When in Genoa…

On shopping for vintage Italian clothing. Genoa waterfront property has to be some of the most beautiful in the world. The city is set into a mountain and built upward, accessible by funicolare transport. I was told that a day in Genoa was more than enough. Following the advice of many fellow travelers and hostelmates, that is exactly what I did. And to be honest, I regret my decision. Surprisingly, for someone [...]

11 08, 2015
  • Italy Perugia Let's Go

Perugia: How to Ensure a Stint in Purgatory

An innocent scene: the city’s youth enjoying an afternoon on the steps of the Duomo in Perugia. How lovely. How Perugian. How reverent? Maybe not that last one, but the other two? You betcha. Come the midnight hour, though, and hands once full of smartphones and gelato will be occupied by cigarettes and plastic cups of you-know-what. Music is provided by a certain caste of dreadlocked guitarists (one weekday afternoon set [...]

8 08, 2015
  • Italy Ravenna Mosaics

Ravenna: Vitale Statistics

The Basilica di San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy, was completed in 546. Let that fact marinate for a moment. I am not forgetting a 1 before the 5; this place is actually going to turn 1,500 in a few decades. That’s like, older than Yoda. Ravenna is a city known for its mosaics, and this church is one of its biggest stars. Walking around inside the place, it’s not too hard to see [...]

25 06, 2014
  • Lake Como Milan Goats

When Goats Get Aggressive

Getting up close and personal with Lake Como's fauna. According to a fellow hostel-mate, "there are only two ways to truly experience Lake Como: either from the water or from the mountains." Since he had only arrived an hour earlier than me, I'm not quite sure why I took his advice so seriously, but after experiencing Como from both perspectives I certainly agree! I woke up to uninviting weather—the crisp blue sky had [...]

23 06, 2014
  • Lake Como Milan

Striking Gold in Como

On escaping Milan. I am not a huge fan of fashion. If you are like me and Pitti Uomo is not your thing, Milan is a city that can definitely be done in 1-3 days. After visiting museums and residential neighborhoods for 5 days, I was in desperate need of a break from city life. So a couple of hostel-mates and I spontaneously decided to head up to Lake Como for two [...]

20 06, 2014
  • Milan Fashion

Irreverence Towards Fashion

I thought I escaped materialism when I moved away from Great Neck, New York, but I certainly rediscovered it here in Milan. I'm not going to lie—of all the places on my Let's Go itinerary, Milan was certainly the city I was least excited about. Some people are into fashion, while others cannot tell the difference between a Prada bag and the fakes sold on the street for a twentieth of the [...]

9 06, 2014
  • Venice Honeymoon

“Reliving” a Venetian Honeymoon

My parents married in New York and flew off to Italy for a honeymoon in lover's paradise. That's exactly what Venice is. I heard stories about hotels with bathtub TVs overlooking the Grand Canal, restaurants for the spenders, and a gondola ride that encapsulates the magical aura of Venice. But only now have I been able to understand how special that trip must have been 21 years ago. There's a very apparent, [...]

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