5 06, 2017
  • IMG_2102

Caroline Before Chanel: How I Almost Destroyed a $2,100 Dress

The Devil Wears Prada, but I scavenge from the clearance rack of Marshall’s. Look, sometimes I’ll splurge on a sweater that won’t get destroyed with one rinse cycle. I’m not frugal, per se. I just enjoy a good bargain. That being said and done, of course, I’m a natural fit for Rodeo Drive. It’s a quiet Monday morning when I decide to grace the sacred ground of Beverly Hills style with my appearance. Long known [...]

19 07, 2016
  • DSC03261

Lost in Translation: A Tribute to Terrible T-Shirts

In Naples, English-speaking locals are as few and far between as blind race car drivers. But just like adding pineapple to pizza and watering down espresso, we Americans have found yet another way to violently assert our American-ness on Italian culture in the form of fashion. I am referring to the six or seven examples of Hard Rock Cafe paraphernalia you see walking the streets on a daily basis, as well as countless examples [...]

8 02, 2016
  • Tel Aviv-Jaffa Port

The Do’s and Don’ts of Bartering

In the Middle East, bartering in the markets is the norm. You don't technically have to do it, but avoiding it won’t help that tourist label you've been trying to downplay. Though a world without price tags sounds liberating, for many, the art of price negotiation can seem intimidating (or, for me, unapproachably daunting.) Nevertheless, I arrived at the flea market in Jaffa, the ancient port city just south of Tel Aviv, [...]

4 01, 2016
  • Prague Letnapark

Czech It Out: Holešovická Tržnice

In its youth, Holešovická Tržnice served as a site for cattle slaughter – then it got married, had kids, bought mom jeans and now, lives a tamer life as a market for cheap goods, fresh produce and second-hand clothes. A little bit of everything, this marketplace probably looks something like your grandma’s attic, plus bushels of fruit and vegetables. For farmer’s market lovers, Holešovická Tržnice’s Hall 22 boasts a respectable range of [...]

20 12, 2015
  • Thessaloniki

Books on Books on Books: Getting Literary in Thessaloniki

My first night in Thessaloniki I decided the best way to get a feel of the city was to follow the crowds. So follow I did. The crowds led me along the beautiful waterfront where people were starting their night by imbibing local ouzo and listening to surprisingly familiar music (is there any country that doesn’t listen to Lady Gaga?) They led me past Aristotelus Square where children bought giant animal-shaped balloons while [...]

17 12, 2015
  • London Portobello Market

In Search of Hugh Grant

I was a make-believe Brit for six months, I spent one of those glorious days by myself pretending I was in Notting Hill, the quintessential British rom-com staring the ever-floppy and ever-stereotypical Hugh Grant. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It always brightens my day and it clarifies this blog post. The day began with a search for the bookshop. I emerged from the Tube, stalked some groups of people towards what looked like the [...]

9 12, 2015
  • Marrakech Let's Go

Notes on Fes and Marrakech

I’m no expert on the two most-visited Imperial Cities in Morocco, but here are some recommendations from my whirlwind weekends in both*. (Both highly recommended, though I can only give as many tips as the average tourist). Fes: Lodging: We stayed in Funky Fes, recommended. It’s not far from Place R’cif, located in a beautiful riad. Plus, they made spooky cakes for us to celebrate Halloween! The Medina: Even if this is the [...]

6 12, 2015
  • Antibes Harbor

ABCs of Antibes: Absinthe, Billionaires, & Coastline

Antibes is the small town squished between Nice and Cannes that serves as a backup port for those who can't find a place to moor their yacht in Cannes. Okay, this might not be totally true, but Antibes is famous for "Billionaire's Bay," a bay that should require no explanation further than its title.  Beyond being one of the world's most valuable parking garages, Antibes is home to several other interesting attractions. [...]

5 12, 2015
  • Salvador Street

Foodie Finds: Street Cuisine of Salvador

Salvador is a long haul from the metropolitan south of Brazil, so it’s no surprise that— with its distinct history and ethnic makeup— it would also sport an array of unique cuisines and flavors. Here are our top picks for local street foods worth sampling that you won’t find elsewhere in the country. 1.     Fried thing with okra and shrimp, These little concoctions, consisting of fried dough balls filled with [...]

1 12, 2015
  • DSCN0776

5 Tips for Navigating Rabat’s Medina

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been doing independent research, and thus have been engaged in those most excellent of past-times: sitting around and writing (not blog posts, obviously) or reading. Or lying around and sleeping. Or standing around and cooking. Or walking around and looking at cats. These may sound like complete wastes of time—you’re squandering your adventure, Siobhan!—but I’ve started to think more and more about the deification of productivity is an [...]

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