23 03, 2016
  • Stolpersteins are small, cobblestone-sized memorials for individual victims of Nazism. Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Just look down: the memorial you may never see in Europe

If you ever take the time to look down at the ground, which, if you are like any of others in the Millennial Generation, than you are already looking down at your phone. However, if you take time to look past the latest video of kittens on Facebook, you will see one of the largest and possibly underappreciated art projects in Europe. Stolperstein at Salzstraße 2, Münster The ‘Stolperstein’ is a [...]

2 09, 2015
  • Interlaken Switzerland Let's Go

Outdoor Heaven: 8 Tips for Enjoying Interlaken

Two weeks in Switzerland and all I had seen were clouds and cement. It was as if the sun was playing a sick joke on me, a prolonged, upsetting tease. What is supposedly one of the most breathtaking, picturesque countries was hidden from me. It was so upsetting that I began directly speaking to the sheet of gray moisture hanging over my head, willing it to move. A friend who recently [...]

27 08, 2015
  • Zurich Switzerland Let's Go

Partying Like a Backpacker

Turning up in Switzerland's most expensive hotel. In my most recent blog, I talked about a friend whose family was kind enough to allow me to stay three nights in their home. As the cherry on top, that same friend invited me to a fancy party, for which she had won tickets, at Switzerland's most expensive hotel, The Dolder Grand. A modernized castle resting high above the Zurich bustle, this luxurious resort [...]

22 08, 2015
  • zurich let's go

4 Things I Learned in Zurich

Traveling between Italy, France, and Switzerland over the past few days has been a language roller coaster. Just as I felt comfortable communicating in Italian, I moved on to French (complete failure), but the real struggle has been Swiss German, the main language spoken in Zurich. The words are incredibly long, impossible to pronounce, and incorporate a host of other languages as well including French to Italian (e.g. excusi, merci, ciao). [...]

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