1 07, 2016
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Oh The Places You’ll Go, Oh The Weirdos You’ll Have Strange Interactions With

My hostel has a poster that says something to the effect of “the people you meet while traveling are more important than where you go.” You’re telling me some Australian and Canadian twentysomethings with beards and Birkenstocks are more important than ALL OF SPAIN? Do these twentysomethings have a GDP of $1.393 million? Do they have art and castles? Do they have an unemployment rate of 22.7%? Probably yes, actually. [...]

5 07, 2015
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O Ye of Blogging, Hearken To My Blog; Be Not Ill-Instructed, For Indeed Blogging Be It, If Of Lofty Countenance; For Those of Blog Skepticism, Be Not Afeared: 16: Chill

As near as I can tell, typing from within the second-story window of my mom’s friends’ flat while the first rain/lightning/thunder combo in recent memory goes on outside, Amsterdam has been a blast. Beyond the itinerary—two humid days of writing from the bottom bunk, a couple more exploring with wonderful travelers from Baltimore and Austin, and the long-foretold reemergence of Beloved Harvard Roommate, with a cluster of siblings and hangers-on in tow (major [...]

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