Benvolgut a Barcelona! Welcome to a city more exquisite, more idiosyncratic, more bold, and more fun than you ever thought a city could be. There’s a whole lot more to Barcelona than Gaudí’s architecture and the incredible clubs, and Let’s Go will show you the way—at the end of the day, you’ve always got Gaudí and the clubs to fall back on.

You’ll find that the locals consider themselves Catalan first and Spanish a distant second. Barcelona is quite proud of its Catalan culture and language, which is the default and which you’ll probably hear much more frequently than castellano. Everybody in Catalonia speaks Spanish—they just generally prefer not to—and even if your Spanish-language skills don’t extend beyond hola and cerveza, you’ll get by just fine.

Whether you’re strolling through the broad tree-and-modernista-building-lined avenues of l’Eixample by day, bar-hopping beneath the walls of Gothic churches of the Ciutat Vella at night, or napping off that hangover in one of Gràcia’s shady plazas, if you take a second to look around you’ll be mesmerized by the city’s ubiquitous charm. Oh, and did we mention there’s also a beach? Save it for last, because once you head to the beach, you’ll never see anything else.

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The Barcelona Top 5

  • Sagrada Familia

    The projected completion date is 2036, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Arc de Triomf

    Unlike the one in Paris, it's actually reachable and not swimming in an ocean of tourists.

  • Museu Picasso

    It's worth the lines.

  • Catedral de Barcelona

    Its sheer size and magnitude will have you in a state of wanderlust.

  • Casa Batlló

    Gaudí’s design ranges from the incredibly rational to the seemingly insane.


Let’s Go!


Let’s Go!


Let’s Go!


Let’s Go!