Given the cosmopolitan character of Barcelona, you can find just about any food you crave in this city. The cheapest options are chain supermarkets (Dia, Caprabo, and Spar, to name a few) and local groceries that tend to run a few cents cheaper still; in terms of prepared food, kebab restaurants are some of the cheapest and most plentiful. Local Catalan cuisine is varied and includes food from land and sea: some of the most traditional dishes are botifarra amb mongetes (Catalan pork sausage with beans), esqueixada (cod with tomato and onion), llonganissa (a kind of salami), and coques (somewhere between a pizza and an open-faced sandwich; singular coca). The simplest and most prevalent dish is pa amb tomàquet (bread smeared with tomato, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper). Note also that the Catalan for “salad” is amanida; this bears no relation to the word in English or Spanish, which confuses some travelers poring over a menu in search of ensalada.

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