From its river to its ruins, Budapest has a magnificence that is impossible to escape. The lush Buda hills, as well as the gushing thermal springs on which the city stands, suggest that Budapest was formed by a god with a taste for the luxurious. Man then robed the land in stunning artifices, like the impressive Parliament of Pest and the grand Buda Castle. These gems don’t bandage the city’s bloody, war-filled history but instead stand as testaments to them—reminders of what once was and as the city compasses toward a bright future. On top of the city’s rich past is a unique lifestyle. The relaxed pace of daily life along the Danube that divides the city is juxtaposed with a vibrant, fast-paced nightlife full of Budapest’s famous ruin clubs and Hungary’s infamous shots of palinka. International travelers young and old come to Budapest en masse to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, giving its streets and dance floors a language of their own.

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