It’s all too easy to think you’ve figured Dublin out. All the major landmarks are within 15 minutes of each other. The National Gallery took you an hour to walk through. The first pub you went to served a great pint of Guinness. Pat yourself on the back, but sooner or later Dublin’s going to impress you. Maybe you’ll stumble upon the enormous Phoenix Park and get lost for a couple hours (for such a massive park, it only seems to have three exits). Maybe you’ll realize that Dublin has two renowned modern art galleries, or that the pub you went to is one of thousands—and no, it wouldn’t be a productive use of your time to have a pint of Guinness in all of them (at least try one of the craft brews). Maybe you’ll have a deliriously good meal in an up-and-coming neighborhood like Smithfield or Stoneybatter. Point is, you’ll learn your lesson. Dublin’s been around for millennia, but it’s not a museum piece like other European cities—the cityscape is changing (especially down by the quays), new bars and restaurants pop up daily, and the warhorse attractions still hold up pretty damn well (with the exception of the Natural History Museum, which is almost as endangered as the species it exhibits).

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The Dublin Top 5

  • National Gallery of Ireland

    The perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon—and believe us, Dublin has more than a few of those.

  • Dublinia

    When’s the last time you saw a diorama of a man pooping? If the answer is “never,” you need to check out Dublinia immediately.

  • James Joyce Statue

    Come on, you know you want a new profile picture that says “I’m artsy and sophisticated.”

  • Trinity College

    Trinity College might very well be the intellectual center of Dublin.


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