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The Medici. Botticelli. Dante.

What do these names, familiar to anyone who has studied history, art, or literature, have in common? All of them were natives of Florence, and their presence endures in the city today. As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and an epicenter for high culture, Florence has become one of the artistic trea- sure troves of the world. You can barely walk along the streets and piazze without running into famous works (or their replicas), and the myriad museums are rivaled in number by dozens of churches that house priceless artwork and frescoes all their own. But this city is so much more than that: you can sip regional Chianti at the many cafes and bars, enjoy traditional Tuscan cuisine in trattorias and ristoranti, and view spectacular live performances of everything from music to theater. This is a city of purely Florentine sights, tastes, and customs, and if you allow yourself to embrace that culture, you’ll no doubt leave feeling like a true fiorentino.

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Florence Blogs

2507, 2017
  • IMG_1400

Florence’s Flamboyance vs. Milan’s Mellow

By |July 25th, 2017|Culture, Florence, Italy, Milan|0 Comments

Now that I’ve finished exploring two of the three major cities of my Northern Italian walkabout, I can say that I definitely preferred Milan to Florence. Both cities have plenty of history and are full of things to do. They both have the same monasteries, baptisteries, abbeys, or whatever other religious structure they could come up with in the 1300s. And both of their main architectural attractions are simply called “The Duomo” (they have real names, but I honestly doubt that many people even know that). But Milan’s history feels better integrated into the city—the cathedral that took 600 years [...]

412, 2015
  • Chianti Winery Tour

Top 5 Tasty Treats of Tuscany

By |December 4th, 2015|Culture, Drinks, Florence, Food, Italy, Milan, Rome, Tips|0 Comments

Tuscany doesn't specialize in Pisa pizzas, so when you find yourself in the Italian Hillz, head for a local trattoria and try some of these regional specialties. 1. Tortelli Lucchese. It may look like standard meat ravioli, but this egg-based pasta primi isn't your average Chef Boyardee. In addition to being served in a meat sauce, this pasta is also stuffed with even more meat and can be served in a variety of fashions. Try one of them at Anne e Leo (Lucca). 2. Cecina. Cecina is basically a chickpea pancake that's often served up in triangular, [...]

2707, 2015
  • Italian Radio Hits Enrique Iglesias Travel International Music

I Heart (Italian) Radio

By |July 27th, 2015|Florence, Uncategorized|0 Comments

The hostel I've been staying at for the past week has a TV in the common room that plays pretty much nonstop music videos (like how MTV used to before it started exploiting the agonies of pregnant teenagers). So in addition to seeing a lot of gauzy old throwback videos from the '80s and '90s (hey, that Michael Jackson kid can really dance!), I've also been listening to a lot of Italy's top radio hits, which (spoiler alert) aren't in English. And they're total jams that everyone should be listening to! Oh, but you can't understand what they're [...]

107, 2015
  • Italy Gelato Let's Go

Italy Roundup: Best Food Edition

By |July 1st, 2015|Florence, Milan, Rome, Uncategorized, Venice|1 Comment

Over the past two summers, I've been to over twenty cities in Italy. Not exhaustive by any means, but as a professional tourist, I kinda know some shit about them. So in homage to my travels and my work (and because I finally remembered that I actually have a blog), the next three posts will be dedicated to the best Italy has to offer - from what I've seen anyway. To start things off, my top picks for budget food in Italy. Let's go. Best gelato: Gelateria del Teatro, Rome. Tucked away in the heart of Centro [...]

2906, 2015
  • Italy Food Language

Top 5 Words to Know in Italy: Food Edition

By |June 29th, 2015|Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice|0 Comments

Eating is fun. Ordering is stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Here are the top five words to know if you want to order food and pretend you're slightly Italian. Prego: A versatile word, kinda meaning please. What the person taking your order will say. Respond with food. Vorrei...: "I would like...". Fill in the blank with what you'd like. Pizza, arancino, sexy Italian waiter. Up to you. Questo.: "This." When vorrei fails because you have no idea what the name of that pastry is. Just point and say *questo *and you'll be golden. Il conto?: [...]

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