British food doesn’t have a great reputation. Yes, it is bad for you and no, it doesn’t have complex flavors, but it is so intrinsically a part of British life that to forgo it would be a grave error for any visitor. Fish and chips, bangers and mash, tikka masala (a British invention), and warm ale are all different names for the same thing: comfort food. Neighborhoods like Brixton and Shoreditch serve up a span of ethnic cuisine, from Caribbean to Indian, while gourmet restaurants whip up inventive dishes.

“Pub grub” still rules over everything. In case you hadn’t noticed, Brits like to operate in certain set ways. There’s a reason that old war propaganda line, “Keep Calm and Carry On,” is plastered all over the place; there’s a reason the Queen still rolls down the Mall every June; there’s a reason the Brits always think England will win the Cup; there’s a reason fair Albion still uses the pound; and for that same reason, you’ll always be able to get a pie and a pint on any corner in London. Now eat your mushy peas—the cod’s getting cold.

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