If you’re looking for an “authentic British drinking experience,” you’re best off just steadily day drinking. Simply put, the British drink a lot. However, in terms of institutionalized, well-mannered frivolity, three different experiences distinguish themselves: the pub, the club, and the speakeasy. The pub scene is relatively standardized, right down to the fonts that advertise the Sunday roasts, so what we’ve endeavored to do is tap the ones with the most local crowds and the cheapest prices.

Befitting its status as a world capital, the club scene here has seen hundreds of world famous DJs at venues such as Fabric and Ministry of Sound. And strangely enough, even though Britain never banned alcohol outright like the States, there are hidden “speakeasy” cocktail joints that rely on mixology to bring in their customer base. Whichever your modus operandi, all three serve as antidotes against London’s sometimes dark mood.

Marylebone and Bloomsbury

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