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Welcome to Madrid, where the days start late, the nights end later, and the locals look like Javier Bardem.

Sound good? Well, there’s more. Much more. Madrid is home to some of the biggest and baddest sights in the world, from museums filled with iconic art to discotheques packed with Spain’s most beautiful. From Goya’s The Nude Maja by day to the (almost) naked madrileños at night, Madrid insists that you stay on the move—in only the most laid-back style, of course. When it’s time to recuperate, slow down, savor some of the best in Spanish cuisine, and lounge in one of the city’s immaculate parks or gardens under the warm Spanish sun.

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Madrid Blogs

2406, 2016
  • IMG_1256

Eats, Hams, and Cheeses: How to Comer Like a Madrileño

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After a few days in Madrid, many of which I spent perpetually hungry for some delicious ham and sangría, I’ve learned that I had a lot to learn before next-level tapas hopping.   Table Manners (or “Who knew I was doing everything wrong?”) Keep those hands above the table.  Waiters don’t tend to call people out for this in a restaurant and especially not in Madrid (because they are very sofisticado), but in general the Spanish prefer guests to keep their hands in sight.  I try my best not to imagine what incidents led up [...]

2306, 2016
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Muy Muy Hip with the Kids

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So even crazier than the extreme heat of a totally abandoned mid-siesta Madrid, is the sudden 20 degree (centigrade, suh European) drop that necessitates evasive sweater action.  Luckily, with a handy little brother in town, all I had to do was throw on his oversized sweater and I was ready to get into all those clubs that seek semi-homeless looking tangle-haired American travel writers.  It’s a thing (I hope).   First stop: a 2-hip-4-u bar, as the kids would say (identity of said kids unknown).  Billed as Madrid’s “first urban resort,” Gymage has a line [...]

1606, 2016
  • Claire Madrid

I Found Parque Retiro: Or, the True Value of a Siesta

By |Madrid|0 Comments

Checked into the hostel. Checked out the hostel receptionist.  He knew I was trouble when I walked in.  And by trouble I mean, deeply, deeply jet lagged.  Was it a Tuesday or a Wednesday?  I had no idea, but I was ready to explore the city and blend in completely with the locals, as soon as I stopped updating my snap story.   First stop: let’s get some tapasssss.  Oh wait, it’s 4PM and everything’s closed. Okay. No problem. I’ll go take a stroll in the Parque del Retiro, Madrid’s version of Central Park but with 99% more [...]

1211, 2015
  • Madrid Breakfast

Cheapskate’s Guide to Madrid

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It’s easy to get around for close to nothing in Madrid, as long as you have your student ID and use a bit of creativity. While vast and rich with endless streets and corners, it is fairly easy to explore by foot (no metro cost!). Here’s a day-in-the-life of a money-saving, pedestrian tourist. 1. Grab breakfast at your hostel: When booking hostels in Madrid, be on the look out for places that serve free breakfast. Often times, this breakfast won’t amount to much more than a bowl of corn flakes and some chamomile tea. However, other places, [...]

2710, 2015
  • Classic Madrid tapas

Make like Hemingway: Eat at Botin

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When you step into the cavernous restaurant Botin, it’s easy to imagine Ernest Hemingway enjoying a few meals here. In his novel, The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway draws on his own dining experiences at the ancient Spanish establishment, writing: “We lunched upstairs at Botin’s. It is one of the best restaurants in the world. We had roast young suckling pig and drank rioja alta. Brett did not eat much. She never ate much. I ate a very big meal and drank three bottles of rioja alta.” Botin was established in 1725, by a French cook named Jean [...]

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