Welcome to Madrid, where the days starts late, the nights ends later, and the locals look like Javier Bardem. Sound good? Well, there’s more. Much more. Madrid is home to some of the biggest and baddest sights in the world, from museums filled with iconic art to discotheques packed with Spain’s most beautiful. From Goya’s The Nude Maja by day to the (almost) naked madrileños at night, Madrid insists that you stay on the move—in only the most laid-back style, of course. When it’s time to recuperate, slow down, savor some of the best in Spanish cuisine, and lounge in one of the city’s immaculate parks or gardens under the warm Spanish sun.

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The Madrid Top 5

  • The Reina Sofia

    The Golden Triangle of Art’s southernmost leg offers visitors a refreshing break from Madrid’s neoclassical artistic tradition.

  • Templo de Debod

    There’s literally a 2000-year-old Egyptian temple in the heart of Madrid.

  • Palacio Real

    If you spent your childhood dreaming of princesses, knights, and dragons, the Palacio Real, Madrid’s own royal palace, will be your dream come true.

  • Parque del Buen Retiro

    Pack a picnic lunch and walk underneath the vine-covered Rosadela in the park’s main garden or go boating on the majestic lake in front of Alfonso XII’s monument.

  • El Prado

    A symbol of national pride and a relic of the nation’s rich artistic history


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