The 2-5pm siesta commonly practiced by restaurants and stores across Madrid can make finding a place to eat lunch after a morning of touring difficult. But while many restaurants close their doors for siesta, working men and women throughout the city often do not have time to go home for lunch and then return to their offices. To accommodate these men and women, many restaurants that stay open during siesta offer menús del día, cheap two-course meals that can be eaten relatively quickly. As one madrileño commented, these meals are not advertised to tourists, who often fall prey to the poor quality, expensive food sold around major attractions like the Plaza Mayor. So here’s your Let’s Go tip: if you want a filling, cheap meal that can fuel you even on the hottest of summer days, look for these menús del día. Typically priced at €9-12, these meals give you bread, a starter course, a main course, a drink (sangria, anyone?), dessert, and a cup of coffee or tea.
Also important to note: meal pricing depends on where you sit in the restaurant. For your cheapest option, eat at the bar. Your most expensive meal will be on the terrace or the patio outside of the restaurant.

Avenida del Arte and Retiro

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