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Milan is a major city, a sea of asphalt punctuated by breathtaking strips of green where the bustle of daily life sometimes overshadows la dolce far niente.

But beneath the industrial, fashion-focused lifestyle of Milan is a beautiful, historic district that can easily be overlooked. Whether it’s €2000 Gucci shoes or Da Vinci’s breathtaking Last Supper, here you will be intimidated. This city earns its cultural megatron status from the Renaissance works, awe-inspiring churches, and medieval castles. The Piazza del Duomo alone is built on the four great pillars of the Milanese lifestyle: the church (Duomo), art (Museo Novecento), commerce (La Rinascente), and rich Renaissance people (Palazzo Reale).

Milan is a city where all the women wear heels, where even the least fashion conscious can pick out the knock-off, where art is free and plentiful, and where it’s normal to save up for one €60 meal instead of several crappy ones. The Italian ideal of la bella figura, an aesthetically conscious lifestyle includes everything from food to fashion sense to social prowess, reigns supreme in this sophisticated city.

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Milan Blogs

2507, 2017
  • IMG_1400

Florence’s Flamboyance vs. Milan’s Mellow

By |July 25th, 2017|Culture, Florence, Italy, Milan|0 Comments

Now that I’ve finished exploring two of the three major cities of my Northern Italian walkabout, I can say that I definitely preferred Milan to Florence. Both cities have plenty of history and are full of things to do. They both have the same monasteries, baptisteries, abbeys, or whatever other religious structure they could come up with in the 1300s. And both of their main architectural attractions are simply called “The Duomo” (they have real names, but I honestly doubt that many people even know that). But Milan’s history feels better integrated into the city—the cathedral that took 600 years [...]

412, 2015
  • Chianti Winery Tour

Top 5 Tasty Treats of Tuscany

By |December 4th, 2015|Culture, Drinks, Florence, Food, Italy, Milan, Rome, Tips|0 Comments

Tuscany doesn't specialize in Pisa pizzas, so when you find yourself in the Italian Hillz, head for a local trattoria and try some of these regional specialties. 1. Tortelli Lucchese. It may look like standard meat ravioli, but this egg-based pasta primi isn't your average Chef Boyardee. In addition to being served in a meat sauce, this pasta is also stuffed with even more meat and can be served in a variety of fashions. Try one of them at Anne e Leo (Lucca). 2. Cecina. Cecina is basically a chickpea pancake that's often served up in triangular, [...]

107, 2015
  • Italy Gelato Let's Go

Italy Roundup: Best Food Edition

By |July 1st, 2015|Florence, Milan, Rome, Uncategorized, Venice|1 Comment

Over the past two summers, I've been to over twenty cities in Italy. Not exhaustive by any means, but as a professional tourist, I kinda know some shit about them. So in homage to my travels and my work (and because I finally remembered that I actually have a blog), the next three posts will be dedicated to the best Italy has to offer - from what I've seen anyway. To start things off, my top picks for budget food in Italy. Let's go. Best gelato: Gelateria del Teatro, Rome. Tucked away in the heart of Centro [...]

2906, 2015
  • Italy Food Language

Top 5 Words to Know in Italy: Food Edition

By |June 29th, 2015|Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice|0 Comments

Eating is fun. Ordering is stressful. But it doesn't have to be. Here are the top five words to know if you want to order food and pretend you're slightly Italian. Prego: A versatile word, kinda meaning please. What the person taking your order will say. Respond with food. Vorrei...: "I would like...". Fill in the blank with what you'd like. Pizza, arancino, sexy Italian waiter. Up to you. Questo.: "This." When vorrei fails because you have no idea what the name of that pastry is. Just point and say *questo *and you'll be golden. Il conto?: [...]

2706, 2015
  • Italy Superlatives Let's Go

Italy Roundup: City Superlatives

By |June 27th, 2015|Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice|0 Comments

Every city is special. Some are just better than others. Every city is special. Some are just better than others. It's like high school all over again. Fuck. Best beaches: Amalfi Coast. No competition. Cinque Terre and the beaches by Ancona are close runner ups though. Best nightlife: Rimini. With the largest disco in Europe and strips of clubs going every night, Rimini puts the rest of sleepy Italy to shame. Come here to drink, dance, and not remember the rest. Best public transportation: Milan. Reliable, fast, and did we mention reliable? The rest of Italy should take [...]

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