If you ask the average traveler about this Bavarian capital, you’ll hear beer, beer, and more beer. The birthplace of Oktoberfest, Munich is the third largest city in Germany (pop. 1,380,00) and one of the country’s most expensive. It’s difficult to believe that this affluent, beer-soaked city is where the Nazi NSDAP Party had its first headquarters. Hitler’s first attempt to seize power took place in Munich, and the Führer himself spoke at some of the beer halls that you can still visit today. The first Nazi concentration camp, Dachau, is just 30min. away from the city. Today, Munich is trying to put much of this history behind it and has become a thriving center of European commerce, with world-class museums, parks, and architecture. Salzburg (only 1.5 hr. away by train) is a popular day trip for many Munchkins—er, Müncheners—and the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein is a major tourist attraction.

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