If you visit Prague during the summer months, you will be viewing the historical sights around Prague Castle and Old Town Sq. with thousands of other people trying to cram into the same tightly packed spaces as you. The tours of many of the historic buildings are often long and dry. It will be loud. It will be unpleasant. You might get your wallet stolen. It doesn’t have to be like this. You’ll miss the crowds and save a lot of money if you do your Old Town sightseeing at night. You won’t get to see the interiors of the buildings, but for most part that’s no great loss. The entire Old Town, and especially the Charles Bridge—virtually impassable during the day—are lit up beautifully at night. Once you get away from Old Town Sq., your options start to open up. Zizkov has its share of large structures, including the TV Tower and the Jan Zizka Statue. In Malá Strana, a panoramic view of the city awaits from the top of Petrín Tower.

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