Austria’s capital city is an ancient maze of breathtaking old buildings rooted in a rich history of rising and falling empires and wars. Wandering down the stone city streets, you may find yourself at the steps of a palace or a magnificent church. The spirits of Mozart, Beethoven, and many famous composers that even the biggest of Beliebers would recognize still linger in Vienna, from the city’s famous opera to the countless citizens who work to preserve Vienna’s rich musical heritage. While much of the city is rooted in classics and tradition, newer generations of the Viennese are bringing a modern edge to the historical city. Contemporary art is on the ups, and its cool presence stands out even more clearly when juxtaposed with the old world. The pace of Vienna is relaxed. Here, loitering for hours in coffee shops and parks is a right. Yet amongst the loiterers and on nearly every street corner, you’ll find some of the most talented philosophers, artists, and musicians in the world, making Vienna the magical place it is today.

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