Let’s Go Researcher-Writers

Shaun GohelShaun Gohel

Shaun is roaming the Australian continent in search of his biological father, Hugh Jackman. Interests include snuggling, elderly Korean couples, eliminating his enemies, and cookie dough. Did you know he can name every world capital? WELL HE CAN. Follow him as he chugs boxed wine, munches on eucalyptus with his posse of snarky koalas, and attempts to live out the childhood he never had (thanks a lot, Dad). #ReHUGHnion2015.

Miles HewittMiles Hewitt

Miles Hewitt covers London and Amsterdam for Let's Go. Past accolades: 3-time top-voted commenter, フレッドYOLO Facebook page; best scrambled eggs this side of the Mason-Dixon (2011, 2013); 2014 Hoops on the River Men's recreational 6ft+ bracket, runner-up (as member of Men II Godz).

Tim DonerTim Doner

Tim is a Let's Go first-timer making his way through the socialist wastelands of Scandinavia this summer. He enjoys languages, bacon and everything Star Wars (except Jar Jar Binks). When not sampling Smörgåsbord lunch meats with his hands, he is a first-year linguistics student at Harvard and once high-fived Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest. To keep up to date with his zany antics, check out his columns here or those of his squeaky-clean FB alter ego, "Timothy Doner - Polyglotpal."

Claire McLaughlinClaire McLaughlin

Claire is traveling around Italy this summer after having worked in the Let's Go office for three years (woo!). Originally from Wisco.

Zeb GoodmanZeb Goodman

Zeb is a native New Englander and a seasoned outdoorsman who, having spent too much time in Massachusetts, jumps at any and every opportunity to distance himself from his hometown. Since taking a hiatus from crew, Zeb now uses his spare time trying to figure out how to focus a camera while searching for food sources. You can follow Zeb’s attempts to make jokes as he gets hopelessly lost in Cuba on his Let’s Go blog or on Instagram @zebgoodman.

Adam WongAdam Wong

Adam isn't afraid of anything. He laughs in the face of society trying to sass him into being normal and drinks the tap water anyways. Adam hates candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. He prefers dinners in alleyways and thinks beaches are for skinny-dipping. Adam pretty much does what he wants, which can be boiled down to eating excellent food, not using shampoo, and lovin’ his momma an awful-lot. Adam does these things in hopes of finding a purpose to his life because the existential crisis is ever present in the back of Adam's mind. He has found catharsis, however temporary, as a summer Lets Go Researcher-Writer in Brazil.

Petey MenzPetey Menz

Petey's a Let's Go veteran who traded the rolling hills of Ireland, England, and Scotland for the significantly warmer landscapes of Slovenia and Croatia. When he's not blogging about the Adriatic Sea or rakija, he's wondering what to do now that he's graduated from college. Plastics?

Ana Chaves - Let's Go Staff WriterAna Chaves - Let's Go Staff Writer

Ana Chaves was once told that she always looks like she just woke up from a nap. She denied this at the time, but as she writes this in the third person, she is indeed considering taking a nap. Entering her third year at Harvard, Ana studies economics, and will be trekking through Prague and Poland this summer. She does not know any Czech or Polish, but she does know Spanish, dirty words in Korean, and some French. Enough to understand “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi.” Probs fine.

Meg BernhardMeg Bernhard

Meg Bernhard is from Temecula, a small city in Southern California whose name means "sun shines through the mist" in Luiseño. In addition to Let's Go, Meg writes for the News Board on The Crimson, likes to garden/climb trees, and drinks a lot of loose-leaf tea. Meg hopes she won't get too badly sunburned in Spain and Portugal. Follow her on Twitter @meg_bernhard and Instagram @megbernhard.

Matt ShuhamMatt Shuham

Matt Shuham is a rising senior at Harvard studying history and English. When he's not writing for Let's Go, he's staying up late editing Harvard Political Review articles, practicing with The Cantab Cowboys, or pretending to practice French. He'll be blogging from Paris, Northern France, and Belgium this summer. In 40 years, he might not remember most of his summer abroad, unless he writes something horribly offensive and makes the news.

Wesley RiveraWesley Rivera

Wesley Rivera is a rising Junior at Harvard studying psychology and government. He's from Orlando, Florida. Aside from Let's Go he supervises on-campus fundraising, volunteers with Relay for Life, and enjoys playing guitar, attending music festivals, and 39 minute naps. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @wesleyreyrivera (he'll hit you with a follow back).

Angie JoAngie Jo

In the midst of skirting protests in Taksim Square and eating plenty of pide, Angie befriended a wizard on the way to Çanakkale, spent time in quiet reflection at the soldiers’ graves in Gallipoli, and watched some slicked-down Turkish men compete at Edirne’s Oil Wrestling Festival.

Dan FulopDan Fulop

Dan is a daring traveler from Westchester, NY who made his first trip overseas right out of the womb. Being from the preppy New York suburbs he takes every opportunity he can to travel and venture in the outdoors. This summer Dan is taking a break from contemplating his academic pursuits to head across the Atlantic to Northern Italy and Switzerland where city explorer will meet outdoors adventurer in what promises to be a thrilling journey. Follow Dan on Instagram and Twitter @djfulop17.

Chris HolthouseChris Holthouse

From Padua to Palermo, Chris train-hopped over 600 miles down the coast of Italy. Though his attempts to become a monk were shamelessly rejected, Chris put 7 years of Latin training to good use when he cried and waxed poetic at Virgil’s grave. On a one-man mission to become the next Ansel Adams, Chris spent the rest of his route eating snacks, climbing intrepidly to the tops of things, and narrowly avoiding lightning.

Lynn MiaoLynn Miao

In eight short weeks, Lynn championed the behemoth that is Paris. A fast master of the Vélib’ system, she biked her way up many a hill and across the city's 20 arrondissements, scouting out new establishments at every turn. After climbing the steps of Montmartre, storming the streets of the city on Bastille Day, and trekking out to Chartres and Versailles, Lynn spent the last days of her route relaxing in Lyon with a big bottle of well-deserved wine.

Antonia WashingtonAntonia Washington

Antonia is a senior living in Quincy House studying sociology. This summer, she spent time in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Caroline TsaiCaroline Tsai

Caroline is a sophomore in Cabot House at Harvard University. This summer, she toured Los Angeles and San Diego.

Emma ScornavacchiEmma Scornavacchi

Emma is a junior in Adams House studying history and literature at Harvard University. This summer, she will visit Portugal and Spain.

Eric ChinEric Chin

Eric is a junior in Mather House studying Integrative Biology at Harvard University. This summer, he will be traveling throughout Iceland and Scandinavia.

Gavin MoultonGavin Moulton

Gavin is a rising sophomore in Lowell House at Harvard University. This summer, he will be touring Croatia, Miami, and Cuba.

Julia Bunte-MeinJulia Bunte-Mein

Julia is a sophomore in Leverett House. This summer, she spent time exploring Spain, Morocco, and France.

Leyla BrittanLeyla Brittan

Leyla is a junior in Lowell House studying English. This summer, she visited Washington, D.C.

Mia KarrMia Karr

Mia is a junior in Adams studying English. This summer, she will be exploring the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Nick GrundlinghNick Grundlingh

Nick is a sophomore in Currier House at Harvard University. He is probably studying something, but I am not sure what that something is. He writes for the Harvard Lampoon, though. We know that for a fact.

Let’s Go Bloggers

Elizabeth MeLampyElizabeth MeLampy

I'm a rising senior at Harvard, from good ol' Massachusetts, studying comparative religion. I am not doing anything career oriented or "productive" this summer; why sit around? Instead I decided to pick random places and go. I'll be outside all summer, which is the best place to be. The plan is to do some digging, swimming, diving, and burning (guess who's allergic to sunscreen?). Cheers to new people and new places!

Victoria MachadoVictoria Machado

After spending the majority of my 20 years within a T ride of Boston, I am an inexperienced traveler ready to take on the States and the world. I am heading into my junior year at Harvard and am a native of Braintree, MA. Catch up on what I'm doing in and around Atlanta, Georgia as I spend the first half of the summer at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health. I will then take off for Spain at the end of July. This summer will be my first abroad experience working as a nanny in Barcelona and Costa Brava, Spain. I am so excited for all of the new sights, people, foods and culture, and I hope I don't miss the 781 too much!

Izzy FlemingIzzy Fleming

This summer, Izzy has traded in her small Vermont hometown for the metropolis of Mexico City. Here, she is interning with the production crew of an authentic telenovela (Jane the Virgin, anyone?). Izzy will be relying on Let’s Go blogging to remind her that there is a normal and logical world outside of Latino soap operas. In other news, Izzy is a self-proclaimed Japanese game show enthusiast, is always on the lookout to expand her prized costume box collection while traveling, and misses American brunches dearly.

Conor PriceConor Price

Self-proclaimed founder of the 't-shirt tan' and proof that stubble doesn't change a baby-face; I go to the Manchester Metropolitan University and study Creative Writing. I am in my second year now. I love to write, mostly short stories. However, I have recently enjoyed writing about my travels around the UK. I’ll be blogging mostly about major cities that I have been to around the UK and soon to be expanding through my home continent of Europe!

Carley RuemmeleCarley Ruemmele

I am a goofy, dog loving, college student studying history at the University of Minnesota. When not studying, I enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking with my mom and sister, and going to garage sales. I hope my adventures will inspire some to venture out and explore our beautiful planet.

Claire LeibowiczClaire Leibowicz

Claire is a senior at Harvard studying Psychology (Mind, Brain, and Behavior) with a Computer Science minor. She credits her love of travel to her family's trips throughout America during her childhood and growing up exploring New York's diverse neighborhoods. She's been keeping handwritten travel journals since she was in elementary school and figured it was finally time to get with the times and take her insights to cyberspace, naturally starting with Let's Go!

Rachel HarnerRachel Harner

Rachel Harner is a rising sophomore at Harvard University planning to major in English. This summer she'll be traveling on her inaugural trip to Asia across Thailand and Vietnam as a writer for Let's Go. Get ready to break down language barriers, take too many pictures, and explore the cultures of Southeast Asia through its cities, people, and (especially) food.

Lauren DavisLauren Davis

A self-confessed Instagram addict and bona fide country bumpkin, Lauren grew up in a tiny English village on the beautiful Devon coastline. Studying at University of Oxford, she is desperate to travel whenever time permits, and as far as her brown, beaded purse will take her.

Cherie HuCherie Hu

Cherie is a rising sophomore at Harvard College hailing from Westchester County, NY. She is pursuing a joint concentration in Mathematics and Music, and possibly a secondary in French. As a traveler, she is keen to veer off the tourist trail and to explore everything a city has to offer; thus, she often dedicates at least two weeks to exploring just one city alone, instead of hopping among several cities. This means meandering through every street without using a map, trying as many regional dishes as possible, and even conversing with locals in the native language. Cherie would like to think that she has yet to visit her favorite cities.

Natalia WojcikNatalia Wojcik

Born and raised in NYC, Natalia is studying abroad in Spain to spruce up her fluency in the language. She ate her way through Madrid, Malaga, and León this summer.

Hunter YorkHunter York

Hunter York is originally from Tupelo, Mississippi. At Harvard, he is a rising sophomore/pancake enthusiast in Winthrop House tentatively concentrating in organismic and evolutionary biology with a secondary in music. He is well-traveled within the states having visited 36 of them, but he has never been abroad. He enjoys singing operas loudly in the shower and crocheting in his free time.

Siobhan McDonoughSiobhan McDonough

Siobhan McDonough has been traveling since she was a wee lass, and now resides in Massachusetts, where she enjoys biking (slowly) and folding paper cranes. She'll be studying abroad in Morocco (and the Netherlands) this fall semester, where she will fearlessly wield her mediocre French and mediocr-er Arabic. She is entering her junior year at Harvard University and studies Social Studies.

Madhavi NaryananMadhavi Naryanan

Madhavi is a junior at Harvard studying Government and South Asian Studies. A native of Seattle, WA, she began her travelling with trips with her family to India and some school trips to France and Northern Ireland. Madhavi loves learning about new cultures and challenges on an international level, so she hopes to keep travelling doing international work post-college. This semester, Madhavi will be part of a unique study abroad program focusing on challenges to human rights in Nepal, Jordan, and Chile!

Lucyanna BurkeLucyanna Burke

Lucyanna Burke is originally from Boston but she'll be writing from Havana, Cuba this semester - assuming Gmail hasn't been blocked and she's been able to secure internet cards from the scalpers. She can usually be found around Havana eating, running, or retracing Hemingway's historical steps to the nearest Havana Club. Lucy is currently a senior at Harvard University, where she studies the History and Literature of Latin America.

Natasha YoungNatasha Young

I am a twenty year old, small town born and bred gal, which has probably led to my immense wanderlust! I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Bath and can often be found cycling around the city or enjoying a good brew in true British fashion. This academic year I am using my placement to not only learn more about Psychology, but but also to save more money for my travels next summer! To work around my current studies, each summer I tend to choose one travel destination where I spend a month or so exploring and then attempt to take a few other small breaks throughout the year whenever I have any free days!

Lena SchoemakerLena Schoemaker

Lena grew up in Salt Lake City and Boston, and has been in Nor Cal for the last 6 years studying Human Biology at Stanford and doing research for a professor in Health Economics. She was injured in a car accident when she was 17, and in the 10 years since she and her wheelchair have been proving the world wrong about accessibility, traveling to France, Finland, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, and beyond. Her future travel plans include the whole world - challenge accepted!

Madison MeyerMadison Meyer

Madison spent last year working, blogging, and traveling. After her gap year, she started at the University of Maryland and is creating her own degree in International Relations, Leadership Studies, Security, and lots of other fun stuff. Madison loves meeting new people, tasting foreign desserts, and seeing beautiful places. Check out http://gapyeargirl.com to see her adventures.

Ariel Smolik-VallesAriel Smolik-Valles

Since entering college without having her passport, Ariel has travelled to three different continents in less than three years. A native of Chicago, she splits her time between Illinois, Cambridge, and the window seat in the economy row. Though still trying out how to answer "what are you going to do when you graduate?", Ariel enjoys her Social Studies concentration and never passes up a Sunday sundae in the dining hall.

Emily SullivanEmily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan is a New York City transplant studying in Dublin for the fall 2015 semester. She caught the travel bug after leaving the U.S. for the first time for central Mexico last January, and plans to explore Ireland and Europe as much as possible. A burrito enthusiast and an admirer of Bill Murray, she studies psychology and marketing at Fordham University.

Aaron JaffeAaron Jaffe

Aaron Jaffe — traveler, seeker, bow-tie wearer, prepossessing photo taker and explorer of the odd corners of the world. Aaron, a suburban Philadelphia native, studies PR with German and Entrepreneurship. He attends Millersville University in the amish-lived area of Lancaster (lang-kiss-ter), Pennsylvania. He is fond of finding the local treasures in the world to learn more about the people. Aaron loves sitting and people watching while letting the time run by in a beautiful city or just sitting on a grassy hillside pondering about the world. He’ll be traveling to Germany this Spring semester to intern at the University of Münster then going on adventures through western Europe. His motto: “Adventure is out there!”

Adrian HortonAdrian Horton

Adrian Horton is a rising senior at Harvard from Cincinnati, Ohio. She studies American History and Literature, and specializes in knowing the plot-lines to TV shows she doesn't watch. Currently, she is taking a year away from school to pursue a love of travel and open-ended itineraries. She enjoys making new friends, catching up with old ones, and a good cup of coffee. She also likes to run and tries to keep a journal in her spare time. Follow her on Twitter at @adrian_horton or on Instagram at @adrianehorton.

Alexandra DobbinsAlexandra Dobbins

Having been infected with the travel bug at a young age, Alexandra spends her days itching to leave her small New England town. This year, she is living out her dream, wandering around the world before attending Harvard in the fall. When she's not too exhausted from trying to fool her family into thinking she has a plan, her favorite things to do are inhale cappuccinos (or as of late, Thai coffee), take compelling and realistic photos of everything she sees (but mostly just embarrass herself trying to find the right angle), and get lost passively searching for hidden cafés...so she can buy more cappuccinos. Oh, and make plans for the sole purpose of abandoning them.

Allenda WitzelAllenda Witzel

From Finland to South Korea, Allenda’s training and career as a professional
ballet dancer has taken her far from where she grew up surrounded by forests
and Civil War Battlefields in Central Virginia. When she isn’t wearing pointe
shoes or pursuing her undergraduate degree through Harvard University’s
Extension School, she can usually be found lip-syncing to operas by Verdi and
Puccini, reading Sci-fi novels or watching Martial Arts films. She enjoys, no,
she survives off of coffee, and has a slight obsession with fine mustard.
You can follow her on Instagram at @allendawitzel


Lindsay Bu is a rising junior at Harvard from New York City. She spends most of her time listening to podcasts, scouring Yelp for new places to eat, and reading in cozy cafes with comfy chairs. She loves to watch stand-up comedy and thunderstorms—two completely unrelated but equally fulfilling spectacles—and has a knack for misdiagnosing symptoms via WebMD. This summer she is working in Istanbul, through which she is also eating her way. With a notepad and pen in hand, Lindsay can't wait to record her new adventures.

Emily CorriganEmily Corrigan

Traveling in search of the Holy Grail (of sangria), Emily survived bloodthirsty rabbits, flesh wounds, the Knights Who Say Ni… shit. That's Monty Python. Well, she did survive an encounter with the infamous Athens Park Flasher, the loss of both her personal belongings and dignity in Mykonos, and third-degree sunburn on the Amalfi Coast. She was (and will always be) grateful that fried cheese is a legitimate Greek dish. Follow her adventures on Instagram @emily_corrigan.

Tiffani DriscollTiffani Driscoll

Tiffani is a rising sophomore who has no clue what do to with her life, which is probably why she's roaming the UK and Ireland this summer instead of having that deep conversation about what it all means with herself. When she’s not avoiding facing her early mid-life crisis, Tiffani spends her time reading, napping, and watching hydraulic press videos on Youtube. Follow her adventures as she gets lost in the rolling green hills of Ireland, the majestic Highlands of Scotland, and the bustling cities of England (she’s really bad with directions). You can also find her on Instagram (@lainamademedothis) and admire the 12 photos she’s managed to post.

Mike SkerrettMike Skerrett

Mike Skerrett is from Boston and allergic to guinea pigs. This summer he'll be traveling through Morocco and Spain and capturing the whole thing with his new Smilewide SelfieStik (TM). How could he not, when Smilewide's patented sliding design makes it so much easier to capture those special moments? Mike loves comedy and writing and the simple convenience of folding his Smilewide SelfieStik (TM) into the size of a standard pen! For questions, concerns, vague criticisms, and country music recommendations, Mike can be reached at smilewide.com/selfiestik/shills/mike1. Also on instagram and twitter @mikeskerrett.

Andy DuehrenAndy Duehren

Andy Duehren, a rising junior, hails from the mystical land of suburban Massachusetts. He’ll be traveling through Belgium and France this summer, so expect lots of vomit-inducing Hemingway references and vomit-covered hostel toilets. A news writer for The Harvard Crimson on campus, Andy is still adjusting to the creative freedoms of travel writing and the hygienic freedoms of the French. Follow him on Twitter @aduehren and Instagram @andyduehren.

Noel LeeNoel Lee

Noel is likely to be found dozing, a Calvin and Hobbes treasury propped over her face for warmth and anonymity. Occasionally, though, she starts awake, drenched in existential sweat at probably wasting her youth in the supine, getting old, slowly dying, etc. One such crisis prompted an application to Let’s Go––Noel covers Switzerland and Northern Italy.

Claire RivkinClaire Rivkin

Claire Rivkin is a rising sophomore who can’t decide whether she’s from Chicago or Washington DC. When she's not traveling through countries that mandate absurd amounts of pork consumption, Claire is a bench member of the Hyperion Shakespeare Company and a Room 13 peer counselor. She enjoys free sh*t and being edgy.

Laura HattLaura Hatt

"Pack light,” said Laura’s mom.
“Mix and match neutrals,” said Laura’s roommate.
“Just turn it inside out,” said Laura’s sixth grade camp friend.

Grungy, obedient, and wary of checked luggage (still waiting on my BAG, Air Canada) Laura plans to spend the summer traveling southern France and embracing the multipurpose. Her gray tank top works for day and night. Her towel doubles as a pillow. Her jeans could probably be cut into jorts, should the need arise. She will not, however, be purchasing 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner. That stuff is the worst.

Hayley WyethHayley Wyeth

Hayley is in Hawaii, dudes. Getting her surf on, bro-ing down with some sharks, basically chilling super hard. Before she landed in paradise, she was studying Physics at Harvard and chilling out a little less hard. In her free time, cha girl likes to play the sax, hang out at art museums, and kick it with her dog. Follow Haylstorm as she climbs a volcano or ten and gets hella sunburnt, man.


Abby is a rising senior at Wesleyan University who stumbled into studying Psychology, Spanish, and International Relations with the hope that this odd combination of majors would lead her towards a career that includes lots of traveling, writing, and people-watching. She openly admits to stopping her friends (and strangers) from taking the first bite of their meal so she can snap a photo of it for her amateur food blog, as irritating as she knows this habit may be. After traveling around Central America and living in Spain for 5 months, she is a self-proclaimed hispanófilo with a scuba-diving certification, a Canadian passport, and a passion for any opportunity that gets her to the next adventure.

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