Nearly everyone says that Berlin’s the coolest city on the planet, but honestly we just don’t see it. Sure, if you like history, Berlin can be cool, what with its Prussian palaces, World War Two museums, and defining landmarks of the Cold War. But besides having been the center of not just European, but world history for the last 200-odd years, the city really doesn’t have much going for it. Yeah, okay. Maybe it has one or two or twenty clubs that run non-stop from Friday midnight to Monday noon. But who would want to go to them? They’re all old industrial plants and abandoned buildings overrun by the best DJs in the world. Thanks, but no thanks. And don’t even get us started on the food. Every neighborhood without fail is just a complete and utter wasteland full of cheap, delicious, and diverse dining options. In other words, prepare to starve. What about the city’s celebration of liberalism and multiculturalism, you ask? Well, what about it? Berlin’s multicultural and liberal identity is just one of the many countless features that make it a place unlike anywhere else in the world, in the sense that no other city is this bland and forgettable. Look, if you don’t have anything better to do, it’s worth a visit.