Canada, Naturally

Canada’s most popular attractions are some of the world’s most treasured natural wonders. Some are super-famous—some aren’t—but each one contributes to the national identity of the country. Starting on the west coast of Canada and moving through to the east, you can discover and experience the history, charm and beauty of Canada.

Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia

With a backing of a beautiful mountain range facing the Pacific Ocean, found at the tip of Vancouver Island, the Pacific Rim National Park offers a rich cultural and natural heritage. This park boasts some of the most famous hiking trails in all of the country, including the West Coast Trail, and features sandy beaches and Aboriginal culture. Also found there is a rainforest and a sense of laid-back charm for which Canada is so well known.

Whistler in British Columbia

Whistler is a resort town that is only about two hours outside of Vancouver. It features the most scenic and picturesque view in all of Canada—the Sea to Sky Highway. This town is also a famous ski destination, thanks to the Blackcomb and Whistler mountains, sitting about a mile over the village and offering more than 8000 acres of terrain. All year round, there are things to do in this community, including spas, fine food, and many opportunities for adventure.

Banff National Park in Alberta

Considered a national treasure to Canadians, this park is one of five of the national parks that lie in the Rocky Mountains, and attracts millions and millions of visitors every year for fishing, skiing, hiking, biking and camping. Or, you can simply spend a day relaxing. Some of Canada’s best resort towns are also located here, including Lake Louise and Banff. These offer full ranges of shops, restaurants and accommodations, which include two of the most historic and iconic hotels in Canada: the Chateau Lake Louise and the Fairmont Banff Springs.

Niagara Falls in Ontario

With over six million cubic feet of water cascading over its brink each minute, Niagara Falls is actually made up of three different waterfalls, which include Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American. This is the most powerful waterfall in all of North American and might be the most famous in the entire world. It attracts millions of worldwide tourists every year. Niagara Falls, the town, is a bit on the maudlin side, reflecting a mix of small-time Las Vegas with a bit of a mediocre theme park. There are now a number of finer restaurants present.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to do and seen in Canada. Take some time to learn about all the natural wonders and how much fun a visit to this country can actually be. If you are ready to learn more about Canada and all it has to offer, then take some time to research the attractions there. If you are ready to seek a pardon Canada application then there are websites offered for this as well.