Is Venice Devoid of Youth?

There’s no doubt, Venice is old—the palaces, the art, the cafes, and a lot of the people.


Walking around the historic districts, aside from cliques of teenage tourists, I rarely find locals my own age. It’s really putting a dent in my plan to pick up a beautiful Italian girl over my short month in Italy. But during my current visit to the upbeat, bumping Generator Hostel on the island of Giudecca, I’ve been guided to the student “hotspots.”

Though Lido beach has it’s fair share of raging party-goers, the real fun is in Dorsoduro. At night, the older folk and middle-aged tourists abandon, making way for waves of Ca’ Foscari students to flood Campo San Margherita. From bar to bar, from drink to drink students grow inebriated and spill out into the lit up square; the music starts going, and Campo San Margherita is quickly transformed from an after-school playground into a rowdy block-party.

With the World Cup underway, I have found myself heading to this happening scene night after night. With alcohol or without, soccer makes this place a crazy arena. Rows of metal chairs line the bar-fronts and people from all different countries, proud of their nations, enjoy the beautiful game. Though I hope England steals the show tonight, if Italy scores, the seats will go flying, champagne will be spraying, and I will be crying (perhaps an exaggeration, perhaps not)! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Since all my photos of San Margherita are underexposed, I’ll leave you a slightly more exposed picture from Fondamente Nove.